Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Landscaping Business

It's an exciting idea to start a landscaping business, especially if you extremely enjoy sprucing up your garden, with the people around you complimenting your efforts. A lot of people have succeeded in turning their hobbies into a business, so why shouldn't it work for you too, right?

However, before you plunge into your entrepreneurial adventure, take a step back and analyze your situation to see if you can really run a landscaping business. Some people think they're ready to be an entrepreneur only to fail because they don't know what to do when unforeseen circumstances block them from their path.

To successfully launch your venture, make sure you don't commit the following mistakes.

Buying all equipment from the start

Landscaping equipment can be expensive. You might be tempted to use your credit card to get all the equipment you need, thinking you'll get more clients if they see that you have lots of tools. But the truth is that you'll just bury yourself under a mountain of debt.

Learn to suppress your urge to buy equipment and instead, rent some of them until you're financially able to purchase them. Of course, you need to buy at least a couple of tools, so canvas as many providers of landscaping supplies in Utah and compare their prices before buying.

Not renting equipment at the right time

You should also consider that you're not the only one renting equipment for your business. There are many other landscapers in your area. So if you always only rent equipment when you have a client, eventually you'll end up not getting what you need because a competitor already got it.

Come up with a plan and a schedule. Figure out what kind of landscaping projects are popular during each season, and come up with a schedule for renting equipment for those projects.

Not choosing the right rental company

If you think you can succeed on your own, then you're sorely mistaken. Many landscaping businesses thrive because they partner up with rental companies. You need to do this too, and you need to partner with the right company for you.

This means someone who's willing to help you with your startup business, say, by giving you a discount on most of the equipment you'll get. Or, someone who's willing to share some trade secrets with you, especially on choosing the right tools for a particular project.

Not clarifying what the project entails

Some people are so excited about starting their landscaping business that they don't bother to clarify what their client needs. Once they arrive at the location, they suddenly realize that they don't have the proper equipment for the job or even the expertise.

Before you accept a landscaping project, have a long discussion with your client and make sure that you understand all of their requests. Don't be too eager to accept every project that comes your way because you might bite off more than you can chew.

Not practicing safety measures

Some landscapers, meanwhile, are eager to get started with every project that they neglect safety precautions while on the job. It may be because they weren't able to rent safety gear or their budget didn't permit them to do so.

Don't be like this. Safety should be your top priority, so make sure that you and the rest of your crew wear hard hats and other safety gear before working on a project.

Starting a landscaping business is just like starting any kind of business. You need lots of preparation and planning if you want it to succeed and thrive.


More Than Fun: Reasons to Have Your Own Home Swimming Pool Installed

Many homeowners want to own a swimming pool just so they could do what's described there: swim, mostly at their leisure. Some of them even think about holding events such as family reunions and get-togethers with their friends. However, there is more for you to gain in owning a pool than just those simple benefits. Here are some other great reasons why you'd want to have a pool in your very own home.
It Helps Relieve Stress

We live in a time when it's not unusual to be so busy all the time. And when that happens, you're bound to become stressed. In that state, it's best to release it. Calling one of the expert swimming pool contractors in Utah to put in a pool of your own can help with achieving that goal. They can match it with your landscaping and the view to give you a sight that can take both your breath and your stress away.

You Can Take a Holiday at Home

When you say vacation, you might be thinking of going out and getting away from it all. But what if you can't afford to take that kind of holiday? Maybe you actually don't have the cash, or you don't really feel like putting in the effort to go out. If that's the case, your own poolside can be the setting for your vacation. You and your family can set up a barbecue or another similar outdoor activity and enjoy bonding together at home.

You Get to Avoid Germs

In your desire to swim, you might have decided to go to the public pool at some point. However, with so many people coming in and going out, you're sure to be exposed to germs that others have brought into the water. And this is regardless of any disinfectants that they may have. If you have your own pool, you can limit your exposure and let you avoid some of the diseases that you could've caught if you didn't.

It Adds Home Value

You might have been aware that having a nice, structurally-sound and well-designed house and a good-looking yard can raise the value of your property. In the same way, a swimming pool of your own can make your home more valuable. After all, who wouldn't want a pool with their house that they buy? It doesn't even matter if you're going to sell your house now or not. It can still count as part of its total value even in the future.

These are only a few of the great reasons for you to have your own swimming pool. If you think that it would be too costly for you, then you might want to also keep in mind that technology is progressing now. It's becoming much easier to install, so you can have a chance at owning one sooner than you think. Just make sure that you still have a professional who will help you set it up as it will save you a lot of trouble.

Essential Areas to Invest in a Machine Manufacturing Business

Machines have made human life easier since we've made the first tools long ago. Even now in an age where many items can now be available online in a digital format, there are new types being manufactured. They're helpful for various tasks, and this is why some people can find it profitable to engage in providing them. When you're in the business of manufacturing machines, here are aspects that you just can't afford to skimp on. Keep these in mind, especially when you're starting out.
Parts Quality

The parts are what make up your product. These may be small in size, but all of them are important for your machine to function well. When one of them is of lower quality than the rest, it can potentially pull down the performance of the whole. Always go for parts from reliable makers, so that your product is more likely to be of a higher quality. If, for example, you're going to need torsion springs, then get the best in Texas. The worth of your machine depends on it.


Also important to spend your time and money on is how the parts of your product will come together to do their job. You should have an idea of how much work your machine should be able to handle and design it accordingly. Also, think about whether you'll put in more than one function or make it such that it handles one kind of task extremely well. This will affect how you'll release it to the public and what kind of improvements you can and will make later on.


No matter how good the machine of yours is, if it doesn't get noticed by the public, then you won't be able to sell it. Aside from your product development, you should also invest in your marketing. Thankfully, there are many avenues that you can take to market and promote your machine. The internet alone has great potential, considering that you can reach many people. You will just need to know which particular kinds of promotions will fit your company and your product.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics

Looks might not be the most important part of your product, but it helps if your product has an appealing design. Not that it should be pretty, but rather, in the sense that it has an overall finished look to it. It also helps to make it easier to handle and use for anyone who needs to utilize your product. You should take care to not just focus on how it can perform, but also how people will experience your product.

Tools and machines are essential parts of our daily lives. They help us achieve what we can't possibly do on our own. If you're in the business of making these items, the most important aspect that you should never skimp on is quality. You would want it for the tools that you need in your own work, so why would you not provide it on others?

How Communities Can Help Conserve Energy

The more people are involved in conserving energy, the cheaper it will be to generate energy. When a community works as a team toward a common goal, every household is going to benefit from them no matter how lofty the goals seem to be. Energy consumption is one of the things that must be tackled during your community meetings.
Forget about installing a swimming pool in the clubhouse or worrying about the quality of the equipment in the public playground. Take it a notch higher with more important goals. If you live in windy cities or in Coconino County, harnessing wind energy should be one of your discussions.

Installing Alternative Sources of Energy

Coming together and pooling your resources to install a solar water heating system or wind turbine, for example, can reduce the costs of the technology. And although every household might have to pay a pricey upfront fee, everyone will benefit from the reduced energy bills. Imagine generating your community's energy needs from the wind, sun, or water? That will have a direct effect on the budget of every household in your neighborhood.

Replacing Street Light Bulbs

Take the lead to replace the streetlight bulbs with more energy-efficient ones. You can use compact fluorescent lamps, LEDs for those holiday decorations, and downlights. During the daytime, make sure that someone will have access to turning off the streetlamps. The dimmer should work effectively in the afternoon and early evening. Downlights use a third of the energy consumed by incandescent light bulbs. They also last three to four times longer.

Consider Solar Lamps

How about using solar lamps for the streetlamps? If you can't invest in wind turbines and solar panels, the least a community can do is replace their streetlamps with solar-powered ones. These bulbs will harness solar power in the morning and use this power to light up the streets in the evening. This means that you won't have to use energy to power your streetlamps in the morning. This should probably be done for the town hall, too. You'll pass on the savings to anyone who'll rent the town hall.

Investing in a Biomass Boiler

A biomass boiler can be used as a centralized heating system for all households in a neighborhood. It is the main system that you can use to distribute heat to many homes. The heat travels through a network of underground insulated pipes that carry hot water or steam. It is a cheaper alternative to households paying for an individual heating system.

Start a Community Garden

Is there a patch of land in your community that can be converted into a garden? You can create a community garden. You can grow vegetables, fruits, flowers, and many other kinds of plants. If everyone agrees to take part in this project, the community can also build a greenhouse.

Some new technologies and products will provide options to communities for their energy-saving efforts.Working together to build a community that's more resilient to climate change sets a good example for children. In the future, they will continue the work and reap the rewards of reduced energy bills and a protected environment.


Want a Better Home? Here's How to Achieve it Without Breaking the Bank

Our home is our safe haven, which is why it's important for us to keep it clean and make the occasional improvements so they can stand the test of time and continued use. Unfortunately, not everyone can always spend on renovations and other forms of professional home improvement.
There's no reason to worry if you're the same. Even with a tight budget, upkeeps can be made to lessen deterioration and improve aesthetics. Here are a few ways to go about it:

Introduce Nature Inside

Potted plants and flowers are great ways to bridge the interiors to the outside. They improve air quality and help add color to the rooms, too.

Before you go out and purchase the cheapest or prettiest pot, keep in mind the conditions needed to be met for plants to thrive.For example, cacti and succulents are great indoor plants, especially for those with busy schedules. They require less attention to survive since they don't need to be brought out for sunlight every day. They can also live with little water for a few days.

Add Statement Walls
Walls make up a huge portion of every room and are often the first thing people notice. Having white walls may help make the house appear cleaner, but they can be a bit bland if that's all the house can offer.

If you're stuck with white walls, you can make yourself unstuck by choosing one wall in every room to be the designated "statement wall." Major changes can be made for cheap by using peel and stick wallpaper that you can easily buy online. They add color to the room, and even texture depending on the design.

Brighten Up with Color
A drab room can be made better by the occasional color. If you don't want to paint the walls, you can always accompany your neutral palette with statement pieces like a bright yellow lamp, or maybe sparkly throw pillows. Not only will these brighten the room, but they also give it more personality.

Replace Small Fixtures

Fixtures like doorknobs and light switches may seem inconsequential, but they do affect the overall look of the house. If you neglect to pay them any attention, you run the risk of ruining all your hard work with old knobs and dirty light switches.

Prevent this from happening by making the occasional checks-ins. Items like faucets and doorknobs are easier to replace and they cost less, too. As for things like shower racks or floating shelves, maybe you can repurpose some old furniture or embark on a DIY journey to replace them.

Declutter Each Room

The most inexpensive option of all requires no money. A home ages faster if it's cluttered. As a way to prevent this, rid yourself of items you no longer need.This can be things that were once useful but have been outgrown, like clothing or books. It can also be items full of sentiment that are only taking up space, like old toys or memorabilia.

Once in a while, settle in every room and look at the items in them. Then ask yourself, "Does this spark joy?" If it doesn't anymore, maybe it's time to let it go and allow other people to enjoy it. Doing so frees space in your house and helps in its improvement.

Jeanne: A Journey from Abandonment and Abuse to Forgiveness and Truth Book Spotlight & Book Tour Giveaway

Today, I have an historical fiction novel in our book spotlight! Check out Jeanne: A Journey from Abandonment and Abuse to Forgiveness and Truth, learn about author Sylvia Hornback, and enter for a chance to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.

Book Title Jeanne: A Journey from abandonment and abuse to forgiveness and truth by Sylvia Hornback
Category:  Adult
Fiction (18+)
Genre Historical Fiction
Publisher Briggs and Schuster
Release date:   November 1, 2019
Tour dates: December 2 to December 20, 2019
Content Rating: PG -
There are less than five cuss words plus adult themes of parental neglect.

About the Book

Don't miss the latest novel by award winning author of The Mallard Conspiracy!

"A well written cativating story with realistic settings that create a true to life picture of the 1940 time period."

"A revealing focus of neglect and abuse between a self centered mother and coming of age daughter who tugs at your heart!!"

"One almost expects Jeanne to step out of the pages into your life at any time."


"Truly, a book that you DO NOT want to put down!"

SYNOPSIS of Jeanne: At dawn on a sweltering summer day scrabbling sounds alerted Jeanne of the intruder downstairs. The pull chain rattled against the light bulb in the kitchen. Instantly a sliver of yellow light raced up the stairs and into her bedroom. Someone was moving about inside the house, and had even been bold enough to turn on a light. It wasn’t the first time she’d awakened to the sounds of this intruder.

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Meet the Author
Sylvia Hornback received her Doctorate of Education Administration from Texas A&M University. She is the current Chair of the Board of Directors for ENERGY Worldnet, Inc., and served as an educator, principal and school superintendent for over two decades. Among her many accolades, she was recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School Principal by the U.S. Secretary of Education. For the past ten years, she has served as a Bible study teacher at First United Methodist Church near her home in Decatur, Texas. Her first novel, The Mallard Conspiracy, was published last year.

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