How To Make Memories With Your Children

One of the most important parts of parenting is to ensure that our children have a childhood that they can look back on fondly. This will set them up for adulthood, and allow them to be good parents themselves. It’s important, therefore, to make wonderful memories with our children; here are some lovely ways to do that and give them something to remember for all the right reasons as they get older. 
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Read Together
Reading together is something that can form a beautiful bond between a parent and a child. This can start from as early as possible, and include bedtime stories. Getting into this routine is a good idea because even if you are both busy throughout the day, at least you will have your 10 or 15 minutes in the evening to read together and perhaps have a chance to talk about your day. As the children get older, you may also enjoy reading your own books silently together. Although you aren’t talking, this is still a lovely way to pass the time.

Conversations in which the parent both talks with and listens to their child are essential for creating wonderful memories. Many discussions that parents have with their children are about giving instructions, and that’s not quite the same thing as being able to have a proper chat with your children about how their day has been or what they want to do when they are older, for example. Encourage them to speak out and articulate their thoughts and feelings and this will not only give them warm memories of their childhood but will help them as adults too.

Do Things Together
Although you don’t need to head out every weekend to some new activity or other, it is a good idea to do this every now and then. Perhaps once a month, or every other month, you can take an entire day and go out together to do something new or explore somewhere different. Don’t spend the whole day taking photographs as that will take away from the enjoyment somewhat, but do take some so that you can have a reminder of what you did; these parent and child days together are so important. Remember to back your photos up to avoid any loss, as losing important photos such as these can be traumatic, although there are companies such as Secure Data Recovery who can help should anything go wrong.

Eat Together
Eating together at the table with no screens can be difficult sometimes; everyone is so busy with their own lives, and whether it is school or work, there is always a lot to do. However, making time to sit down together to eat a meal is important and will create lovely memories. You probably won’t be able to do it every day, but two or three times a week is better than nothing. It will give your child good memories that are centered around food and family.

Show Affection
Simply hugging your child, holding their hand, telling them you love them, or giving them a kiss is enough to make wonderful memories with your children. These are the things that they will remember as they get older – these signs of affection are what they will feel is most important, and they will want to show their own family these things too. Even if they don’t go on to have children, growing up and knowing they are loved is essential to someone’s overall well-being.

The Best Places to Eat in Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is one of the best vacation destinations to visit if you are a lover of glorious weather, beautiful beaches, and a mix of culture. This little corner of the world is also the ideal destination if you are a lover of delicious meals and tasty treats. So why not plan a vacation to this tropical paradise and consider staying in rental homes in virgin gorda to add an extra touch of luxury to your time away?

So, let’s take a look at some of the best places to eat in the area, so you know where to head to when you want to indulge in a spot of fine dining, or you fancy a light lunch somewhere:

Fat Virgin’s Cafe

Located at North Sound, Fat Virgin’s café is a wonderful place to get a good meal. With multi-coloured picnic benches located outside of the café, it’s very easy to spot. Serving America, Caribbean, and vegetarian dishes, this eatery is well worth a visit.  Located next to the water, making it accessible by boat, and with a stunning view of the sea and the surrounding hills, you’ll find this café is a bit of a gem.

The food here is delicious, and all the meals are made fresh to order. You should make sure that you arrive here hungry as the portions are by no means lacking. Brightly coloured and nicely decorated, the interior of the café is very welcoming, and there’s even a little shop attached in case you want to pick up a few souvenirs.

The food here is good and it’s reasonably priced too. Expect to find meat and salad dishes that have been lovingly prepared and nicely presented. Enjoy a tasty lunch followed by a wonderful dessert and a nice coffee to wash it down.  A great place to dine and with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Fat Virgin’s Cafe is well worth a visit.

The Rock Cafe Treehouse

Found at Tower Road, The Valley, The Rock Cafe Treehouse sounds like it could be just any old café, but it’s actually much more than that. If you would like to indulge yourself and enjoy some beautifully presented meals in a high-quality eatery, this is the place to be.

Serving Italian, Seafood, and Caribbean dishes, the menu here is an impressive one, and the quality of the dishes can be likened to meals you would expect in a high-class restaurant back home. Elegantly decorated and with a real touch of class, the whole café really is something special. You feel as if you could be dining in a posh treehouse as you gaze out over the landscape.

The menu here is not the largest you will come across, but it is certainly a respectable one. Although the price of each dish is by no means cheap, you will be paying for quality. Enjoy a special meal here, and indulge yourself, try dishes that you will not see elsewhere, and relax in a beautiful eatery that is one of the best on the island.

The Pavilion at Little Dix Bay

Located at Little Dix Bay, this restaurant proudly serves delicious Caribbean dishes and is well worth a visit. If you have the chance, eat outside and overlook the bay that’s surrounded by mountains. Alternatively, you may want to think about dining indoors and enjoying the comfortable atmosphere.  The food here is very nice indeed, and the menu is quite impressive. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the buffet, it comes highly recommended as the selection of food is very good, and you can enjoy as much as you like.

The desserts at The Pavilion are simply out of this world, and you may want to give them all a try as they taste as good as they look! With a welcoming atmosphere and the occasional visit by a steel drum band, if you would like to enjoy a good quality meal in one of the island’s best restaurants, this is the place to be.

Hog Heaven

Found on the road above Leverick Bay, Hog Heaven is a meat-lover’s paradise. Serving Caribbean and American dishes, the restaurant is a great place to eat. Please note that you cannot walk to the restaurant, you will have to visit by car, but when you do get there you’ll understand why many people are happy to visit. Along with the stunning scenery, the restaurant’s atmosphere is laid back and friendly, and make your trip even more enjoyable.

The food served at Hog Heaven is simply divine. The meals are expertly prepared and nicely presented. The menu is a good size and offers a range of entrées, sandwiches, side dishes, and drinks. If you would like to enjoy a beer or two with your meal, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a good selection to choose from. One of the main reasons why people visit Hog Heaven is the view, but when it comes to the food you will not be disappointed. Enjoy your meal as you look out of the sea, and take in the stunning view while you enjoy something delicious and reasonably priced.

There are many great places to eat in Virgin Gorda, but we believe that the above four eateries are some of the best. Enjoy at least one meal in each of these restaurants and cafés, and indulge yourself, after all, you are on vacation! 

The New Adventures of A.R. Achnid Children's Book Spotlight, Author Guest Post & Giveaway

This morning, we have a children's book in our book spotlight!  This book holds several, fun adventures with A.R. Achnid!  Check out the book, learn about the author, read the author's guest post & enter for a chance to win a hardcover copy of the book in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

Book Title: The New Adventures of A.R. Achnid (Revised Edition)
Author: Sandi Smith
Illustrator: Kathy Lee
Category: Children's Fiction, 126 pages

About the Book

Harold! There goes that spider! See, he is running on the floor! That spider has to go. He cannot live here anymore!!! Oh, no! Beth looks very, very angry. What has A.R. Achnid done now? Well, before A.R. got into big trouble with Beth, he had a lot of wonderful adventures.

There are ten different adventures in this book. There is the time he went to the circus and rode on a balloon, and then had some shoo fly pie. Another day, A.R. and Rex (a Great Dane, who is A.R.’s best friend) decided to walk all the way into town, and they had such a wonderful time. Then, A.R. and his family went to New York City for the biggest craft fair ever (which was for spiders only), plus many, many other adventures.

Unfortunately, in the tenth story, A.R.’s current living situation is going to need an adjustment. Something changes in the lives of Harold and Beth (the humans) that will make things very difficult for A.R. Come along with A.R. for some fun, and find out what small bundle will cause problems for A.R. and his family.

As A.R. says, “Spiders rule!”

To follow the tour, please visit Sandi Smith's page on iRead Book Tours.

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Guest Post by Sandi Smith

When writing I tend to write by the seat of my pants

Pretty much, as with all of my other books, it was by the seat of my pants. The only difference with my A.R. Achnid stories was that I did have an idea of a plot after I wrote the second story. After the first story, I didn’t have any reason to think that there would be any other stories coming, so I didn’t think ahead. When I write, I don’t just sit down and come up with ideas, I have to wait for an idea, or words, or a title, something concrete, that I can work on. If someone asked me right now to sit down and come up with an idea for a book or for some characters, I am not sure I could do that. I have to wait for everything to come to me, and that usually happens while I am sleeping. 
Anyhoo, with A.R., once I got the second story, I decided that this little character was fun, and that possibly I could get more stories. So, I started to plot out what adventures A.R. could have, making a list of all of my ideas. Then I sat back and waited. Waited by the seat of my pants…plain and simple. When words started to come to me, I would open up my list, and see what situation the words would fit with to make a story. For example, on my list, I had the thought/idea of A.R. going to the grocery store and causing a little bit of havoc. I couldn’t write the story, because no words had come to me, so I just wrote on the list – grocery store. One night, two or three months later, I woke up with the words “CLEAN UP ON AISLE FOUR”. Then I knew that I had my words coming for A.R. and Bo’s Trip to the Supermarket.

Meet the Author

Sandi Smith spent her time as a young girl combing the shelves of the public library. She has always enjoyed the magic that books have to offer and was inspired by her high school English teacher, Mr. Coolidge to embrace the arts. The author found her calling as a writer early one morning as her first story came to her in the form of a poem. Since then she has written more than 15 children’s books, with her most popular series about the adventures of an adorable spider in the A.R. Achnid series.

Sandi is happily married to her inspiration and husband of 40 years, John. She continues to write for her two precious grandchildren. When she’s not penning a new story, Sandi and John like to camp, kayak and to enjoy the simple life in their home in Pembroke, NH.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Pinterest

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Margo & George Forever? Book Spotlight & Giveaway

Today, I have a romantic comedy in our book spotlight!  Check out Margo & George Forever? and learn about the author!  Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!
Margo & George Forever?
By Stephanie Queen
Genre: Romantic Comedy

There was no question in Margo's heart of hearts that she loved George. She really did want to marry him--scratch that--she really did want to be married to him.

There was a difference.
She hoped to heaven that the teeny-tiny distinction wouldn't be their undoing...

The stage is set for the wedding of the year in New York City featuring poor sweet beautiful Margo marrying the most eligible (read that: handsome and wealthy) bachelor, Regal Stores heir and CEO, George Regal, III. The Regal family has long presided over the social and fashion scene in Manhattan and they have embraced the marriage with enough enthusiasm to create a circus.
That could be why Margo feels like she's in the center ring and about to be swallowed by a lion.
But the best things about George, the strong powerful CEO, are the ones he's not known for, like his small thoughtful gifts, the crystal angel Christmas tree ornament he'd given her, the way he holds her hand at odd moments, the way he bear-hugs his grandma whenever he sees her and the way he speaks with misty eyes about his late mother.
Of course Margo wants to spend the rest of her life with him... if she could just get past the family’s ‘enthusiasm’ and THE WEDDING.

Warning: Once you open this book you'll get heart-warming romance, smiles, laughs & fun, but also an adult-sized portion of steamy love scenes. And of course, most important of all, a very satisfying Happily-Ever-After.

Stephanie Queen is the USA Today bestselling author of the romantic detective series, Beachcomber Investigations. She lives in the stunning state of New Hampshire with her family, her cat, Kitty and her fun-loving friends. Besides going to the gym sporadically, Stephanie cooks and crochets and loves chocolate covered potato chips (yes, she should go to the gym more often). 

She used to be a 9 to fiver working in downtown Boston, but has thrown her stylish suits and fancy heels in a closet and now hangs out in UConn t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. “If I could come back in another life as anything I wanted, I’d be a regency era heroine.” (Not surprisingly) Regency romances are her favorite secret reads.

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