The Busy Mama's Guide To Working Out

Let’s be honest here, it can be difficult to fit in exercise when you are a busy mama. Whether you work at home or are employed, or whether you stay at home taking care of the little bundles of joy each day, some of us just find it impossible to get to a gym, ye alone exercise. However, it is now easier than ever to exercise at home.

You may be thinking that exercising should be at the gym, but I am here to tell you that you can get fit indoors with some tried and tested methods that are bound to suit any busy mama. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.


Utilize websites like YouTube. Websites like YouTube are brimming with exercise workouts that you can try. From HIIT sessions that tend to be small timings like twenty or thirty minutes, or you could choose more longer and slower paced workouts that last an hour. There may even be instructors that you prefer that you go back to time and time again, but the main benefit is that you can fit in the exercise at anytime of the day, whatever suits you.
Pop those running shoes on and just go. Running can be one of the easiest ways that you can get your exercise in everyday, and it can be some solid time in the day that can be just for you. It’s an opportunity to clear your mind from the toughness of the day. Some people choose to run first thing, which is an excellent way of setting yourself up for the day ahead.

It doesn't need to be just aerobic or cardio exercise.  Who says exercise has to be something that gets your heart racing, mix things up a little and try something different. Things like yoga or pilates can be a great way to exercise you body while giving you some much-needed down time. 
Get some gym equipment at home.  Some people prefer to use equipment or feel like they are in the gym, even though they are not able to attend a physical establishment. This means that having gym equipment in your home could be a real option for you. If you have the space, you can get a treadmill or cross trainer, perhaps a bike or rowing machine. Use equipment that you are comfortable with. 
Get a few friends together and exercise.  Finally, it can be lonely being a mother at times, and spending time with just your children, or working a lot, can really drain you, as much as you don’t want to admit that. So exercising with friends can be a great way to eliminate some loneliness, get valuable exercise and socialise at the same time. You could choose to head to a class locally, or be at home doing a YouTube workout together. 

Brazen Gambit Book Review


I am always a fan of mysteries and, I think, cozy mysteries are some of my favorites. I recently had the opportunity to read and review the first book in the Arnie & Zellie cozy mystery series.  What did I think of Brazen Gambit by Eric Small?

I received a complimentary ebook copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

About the Book

I raced in to the sight of her sitting placidly on my couch – completely, utterly, stark naked.

Only a small blip in the lives of lifelong best friends Arnie Fischer and Zellie Morgan, who with no license and even less practical experience form a detective agency. Their fervent desire for a nice little “find stuff” business rapidly devolves into perilous encounters with a mysterious buxom blonde client, a dead body, assorted mobsters, a sleazy detective, a sinister fashion designer, a car dealership owner only vaguely clinging to reality, and yes, a naked ex-girlfriend on the couch. And even more dangerous – navigating a burgeoning romantic relationship. No problem. Of course, saving Zellie from the clutches of very dangerous people might be a little more difficult…

My Review 

Readers will Love the Characters in Brazen Gambit.   In true cozy mystery fashion, the detectives find help and support from an eclectic group of friends and neighbors as they bring their first mystery to a resolution.  It took me a bit to settle into Arnie and Zellie's relationship--but, in no time, it was hard to not smile at so many of the interactions and characters throughout the book.  

The Author Keeps Readers Interested and Entertained.   While the book isn't action packed with heart-stopping scenes--it's entertaining for readers.  There are enough twists to keep readers interested--and even, at times, a little confused by the actions or events taking place.  As the book progressed, I grew attached to Arnie and Zellie and became invested in, not only this story; but, future books of the series as well.  

Would I recommend Brazen Zambit by Eric Small?  If you enjoy cozy mysteries--or books without a lot of violence and adult themes--this is a well done story.  I love books that just make me smile and root for the characters through all of the subplots and twists.  The author's writing style did just that.  This was a fun introduction to the series and I look forward to reading more from this author and the series.  

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Meet the Author

Eric Small, a long-time public servant who wrote extensively for work, began writing fiction in retirement. A lover of cozy mysteries himself, the genre perfectly fit into his desire to write something containing humor, romance, mystery and just plain fun. As a longtime reader of cozy mysteries, he found such stories a natural fit for his writing. Brazen Gambit is the first of a planned series of Arnie & Zellie Investigations, set in the environs of Middletown, New Jersey, where Eric was born and raised. He now lives in Florida with his wife of over thirty years.

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