How To Help Older Relatives Have a Normal Life

As our relatives get older, things start to change through no fault of their own. They get more forgetful, they aren’t able to get out as much, and they begin to feel like all of a sudden they’ve lost the life they had and had it replaced with something else.

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For them and you, it can be challenging to adjust to a new lifestyle, especially when you’ve spent so long living life your way. But, the change doesn’t need to be that drastic. With a little know-how, you can ensure your older relatives have a normal life that won’t seem all that - if at all - different from their old one.

Keep Them Active

Even though their bones and muscles don’t feel as loose and strong as they once did, it’s still important to keep your elderly relatives as active as they can manage so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in their golden years.

You can go on walks with them or encourage them to sign up for clubs and activities designed specifically for the older generation (like walking football) will help keep them moving. Exercise is crucial in old age as it gives them something to do and also has proven health benefits such as preventing later-life heart disease and reducing the risk of dementia.

Medical Aids

Often, there’s not a lot you can do about physical conditions such as hearing or sight loss. It’s just something that comes with getting older. But while you can’t stop it happening, you can find solutions to help them manage these physical ailments to ensure nothing is that different for them.

Modern technology is a fantastic way to help ease the issues of aging and make it feel like not much has changed. You can learn more about advanced hearing aids and how they can help those who suffer from hearing loss that might make them feel like they’re hearing for the first time all over again.

Don’t Forget About Them

As your elderly relatives retire, they are often all by themselves at home, which is why you should strive to see them as often as possible. If you live close by, there’s no excuse for not dropping in once a week at the least to check in on them.

If you live further, they are still just a phone call away, and you can have a chat with them every night and ask them about their day. You can also use this opportunity to make plans to see one another and work out which is the best time for them and you.

Even if they live at an assisted living facility where their social life still thrives, seeing you and your family will be a nice of pace from the faces they see every day.

No Change

Change is something you experience when getting older. However, the changes never need to be as scary as you first assume. By knowing what to expect and how to overcome the issues you and family can ensure the rest of their life isn’t very different from what came before. Just because someone gets older doesn’t mean they are a different person, and as long as everyone remembers that, things should continue as normal.


Starting a Retail Business

You're on your way to finishing your one-year MBA program. As with these types of graduate programs today, part of it is to visit companies in other countries. You were fortunate enough to spend several weeks each in China and South East Asia.

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You were amazed by the size of the manufacturing business there. The plants are enormous, and you're blown away by how cheaply everything can be produced, from water heater parts to toys to electronic devices. You're looking to put up a business in your hometown of Orem. It could be a repair business, a hardware store, or just a retail store in general. With the low cost of manufacturing practically anything, you're more inclined to pursue a retail store business.

You've learned a lot from your MBA program so far, but what are some of the practical knowledge one needs to have to start a retailer business. Let's look at the possibilities.

A Trillion Dollar Industry

The retail trade industry in America is a trillion-dollar industry, with 2018 revenue figures estimated at $5 trillion. There is nearly 3.2 million business operating in the country that employs almost 18.7 million people.

It's a crowded market, but it's a vast market. Growth is on a steady rise at 2.1% per year. The cost of starting a retail business varies. It is maybe as low as $2,000 to upwards of $50,000.

How to Start

The excitement and the number of items you need to attend might overwhelm you. Selecting products, getting a reliable supplier, managing your inventory, etc. are just some of the main things you need to address. Try focusing on the following essentials to get you going in the right direction.

Decide on your legal entity & business name. Avoid the headache of unexpected costs and get your business set-up in order immediately. Is it going to be an LLC or a partnership? Experts advise that following the most conventional track, the LLC, would be wise. If your business grows, incorporating might be inevitable. Part of your legal entity is your business name. Spend time to decide on a good name.

Location. If you have people helping you during the planning stage, give them assignments so that you are attending to multiple issues at the same time. Scouting for a commercial space to lease is time-consuming but necessary. Make sure that the right facilities are available, from electricity to the Internet connection. Note that this item is where you are likely to shell out a significant amount of money upfront.

What to sell? Don't immediately go for the things that you like or those that connect with you because your passionate about them. Think about what your customers might need. You need to find the right fit and something that you can push out the door the soonest for greater profitability. This should be laid out in your business plan, of course.

Moving your product. There are various channels by which you could sell your product like, online or via brick and mortar stores. Figure out what your plan is so that your customers become familiar with how to access your products. This will be part of the building blocks of your branding and creating a company culture.

You need to know the laws if you are importing goods from abroad. Marketing will be a critical aspect of your success, but these main ideas can help you start your next retail business.

Upgrade to Solar Panels to Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Fossil fuels, specifically petroleum, coal, and natural gas are where most of the energy in the United States is still sourced from. These are finite sources that we'll eventually run out of, and as they deplete, fuel prices will only continue to go up. This makes energy production more costly, causing electric bills to increase.

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The process of distributing power to consumers is wasteful and costly because power companies have to supply more than what consumers actually need, in order to cover for power lost during transmission. Since December 2000, the average power price has climbed up to 70%. Thankfully, a solution has been provided.

Solar energy is a renewable energy source that can cut down our electricity bills, and prices of solar panels have dropped down by 70% since December 2010. In Utah and other states, solar panels can power homes or other establishments.

Reducing Electricity and Other Bills

Solar energy works by absorbing the sun's energy and converting it into electricity.

The sun releases tiny packets of energy called photons, which travel fast from the sun to the earth. Every hour, there are sufficient photons able to generate enough solar energy, theoretically satisfying global energy needs for an entire year.

In 2017, it was reported that solar is becoming the world's fastest-growing source of power. With the continuous improvement of this technology and its dropping costs, there would be soon more and more people going solar.

With solar energy, you can save your monthly bills up to 50%. The sun is a free source of energy, and the moment you turn on your solar power system, it would start saving money. Your regular power source from your local utility can now only be used as a backup during thunderstorms or rainy days, but there are also solar battery storage systems, which help store electricity when the sun isn't present.

Solar panels are also incredibly low-maintenance. Solar companies issue warranties or service contracts for their customers, stating that they would come and fix any issues that may arise for free.

You can also save taxes with solar panels. Some states give out tax credits for residents that upgrade to solar energy. But anywhere in the country, you can be eligible to receive a federal tax credit for your solar panels. 30% of the installation cost will be covered by the federal government--a benefit you can never get from regular electrical companies.

Great for the Environment

The fact that solar power is good for the environment is becoming common knowledge. Solar energy does not emit greenhouse gases as they make electricity, unlike burning fossil fuels. It is highly self-sufficient, so relying on solar energy allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Solar energy needs no other resources, except for the small amount of clean water it needs to function. Solar power companies are currently finding ways to clean solar panels without a negative impact on the environment.

Solar energy and solar panels are indeed phenomenal innovations to save the planet. As we continue to experience more environmental crises, the least we can do is stop contributing to the source of these dangers. We can spread the word about the amazing benefits of solar energy to encourage more people and businesses to switch to this incredible, unlimited source of power.

Preparing for your House Move: A Useful Checklist

Moving to a new house is both exciting and stressful, especially if the home you purchased is not exactly brand new. However, this does not mean that you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of a new and functional home.
It just means that as a homeowner, there are some changes that you have to observe and carry out to make your move as seamless as possible. Below are some points that you should include in your checklist.

Change the locks

Locks play a very huge role in ensuring that your home and your family is secured and well protected. The moment you get a hold of the house, changing all of the locks is necessary. That way, the previous owner and anyone who has access to the previous owner's property won't be able to have access to your new home.

Inspect and maintain mechanical equipment

Furnace installation in your Salt Lake City home can easily be done, especially if you know the right people and services. Not all homes require a total heating and cooling overhaul though. Some would benefit from some good old cleaning and maintenance.

Ensuring that your home is ready for whatever season is one of the first things that you have to take care of even before you make your move.

Familiarize yourself with the utility sources

Two people can do this task. Stand on the main breaker and identify which switch controls what. Doing so can help you have better control when an emergency situation arises. Also, do the same with your plumbing controls.

Simply turning off the main knob should do the trick and stop water from flowing in your home lines.


You might not be living in a brand new house, but this does not mean that your home should look old. Invest in some fresh new paints for your home's exterior and interior and see how it can give your seemingly old house a fresh new look.

Check for leaks

Be acquainted with your new house by familiarizing yourself not just with its features, but also the dark side. Check for leaks and make sure that repairs are immediately done when you spot them. For really old houses, more significant changes and fixes might have to be made, but it is always an investment worth making.

Invest in pest and mold treatments

Pests and molds are common in old houses. Therefore, it won't be a surprise if the previous owner will warn you about it. Seek professional help you have it under control. The last thing you want is to live in a place where not only your comfort but also your health is compromised.

Expect adjustments, preparations, and other kinds of expenses and investment when you make your move. Initially, these might seem like a hassle, but once these changes are made, you can be assured that you and your family will be able to live a safer and more comfortable life in your new house.

Designing on a Budget: How to Make Your Home Look Modern

Some folks go for vintage-style and cottage homes, then some choose to go modern when designing it. The accents and focal pieces, along with every detail, are crucial when you decide you want a modern-themed home. Even the type of furnace installation in your Salt Lake City home will be driven by your modern tastes. With that, here are some ways you can add modern touches to your home:

Not Your Conventional Type of Home

Using earth tones in your home can add some modern touches. Earth tones are all the rave nowadays what with the emergence of green living and environmental consciousness. Most of these colors have hints of browns, red, or green because they represent the color of nature.

You can also use mirrors and artworks to modernize your home. Not all mirrors and artworks look modern though. Some modern shapes and styles you can go for are geometric shapes and odd patterns. Using metallic colors is also associated with modern design.

There are two ways you can design your home. You can go the minimalist route, which is a modern design where you can incorporate black, white, or red hues. The decors for this type of homes are minimal, hence the name of the style. On the other hand, you can stay modern and put trendy decors in your home as much as you like - and it's still called a modern home.

Modernizing Your Home

A modern home need not be boring. You can still add some accent colors if you like, or some color splashes in your kitchen or the living room to beautify your interiors. Accent colors won't harm your intention to modernize your home.

The dining room is where you spend a lot of time together. This may be the only room in the house where you can be together with the family when you're all busy with work, school, and other chores. Having said that, you should consider performing a makeover for your dining room. There are lots of ways to modernize it. You can use modern colors or put modern decors. Most of all, purchase a modern table to stay true to the modern theme of your house.

Curtains never go out of style. You can use curtains even when you have a modern idea in your mind. Modern curtain designs are simple yet look expensive. Pick the ones with neutral colors and use heavy fabrics. The ones that go from the ceiling to the floor are good choices.

A Modern Home For Your Family

You can install built-in modern cabinets when you have a budget. Otherwise, you can use simple yet sturdy storage shelves to complete your modern home look. Modern storage shelves are simple in style without too many designs throughout.

Lastly, opt for area rugs that present designs like lines and curves. These types of designs have modern appeals. It's a great addition to your modern home and a comfy spot where everyone can sit it when playing a board game.

Aiming for a modern design for your home is doable even on a budget. You don't have to visit the most luxurious home stores to make your house look modern and expensive. All you need is a little creativity, a visit to your all-around home store, and readiness to update your home. With that, get on it and make your home the most beautiful modern home in the block.

Protecting Your Home from Water Damage

You need a solid foundation to build a sturdy house. It's your most important asset. Even the brightest prospects and soundest structures can be ruined if the foundation fails. You need to keep it strong, but how?
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One of the most common disasters is water damage. Annually, it costs American homeowner billions of dollars in home foundation repair. Here's how you can safeguard your house against water damage and keep it strong:

Ensure Good Drainage

Poor drainage is one of the main reasons why water can enter your home. It weakens the foundation, causes cracks, and opens pathways for water to seep through. There are several ways to ensure good drainage around your house.

First, create a slope in your yard that's at least six inches and ten feet away from your house. This will keep water from going down to your foundation, where it can create leaks.

Clean your gutters regularly, too. Water will cascade down the side of your house if you have a clogged gutter, and this will create a pool at the edge of your house. It will damage your foundation and the house's siding. You have to make sure that your downspouts are five to ten feet away from your house.

However, the soil around your house shouldn't be left to dry completely. Too much dryness will shrink the surrounding soil, and when it rains, the soil will expand and put pressure on the foundation walls.

If the weather's too dry, hose down water at least three inches under the soil and six inches from the foundation to keep the soil from expanding.

Protect Your Roof

The roof is your first line of defense when it rains. This makes it susceptible to storm damage. To avoid further damage, trim trees that are too close to your roof. If possible, don't grow trees that are too near to your house.

Inspect your roof at least once a year, too. If you have a shingle roof, repair loose, missing, and damaged shingles. Repair cracked caulking and leaks on the flashing as well.

Check Your Sump Pump Regularly

Sump pumps are very useful in keeping water away from your home. They are essential when storms come and you have to remove the water from the collection basin in your basement. For this reason, it's important to check it regularly and see if it's still working properly.

Maintain the Exterior of Your House

If the exterior of your house isn't maintained well enough, water might leak through the interior walls. You'll know if this happens as signs of water damage appear on your interior walls. There could be discoloration, peeling paint, or mold.

To prevent this, inspect your walls regularly. Look for signs of damage. You might be able to clean the wet areas and repair them if you know where the leaks are.

Finally, since we're on the topic of leaks, persistent ones lead to mildew, inviting insects such as carpenter ants and termites. Prevent long-term damage by checking for problems and addressing them quickly.