Just Right Book Tour & Giveaway

This morning, we are featuring a romantic suspense novella in our book spotlight.  Check out Just Right, a part of Sheena Binkley's Something Just Ain't Right series and enter for a chance to win an Amazon gift card and a copy of the novella in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

Just Right:
A Something Just Ain't Right Novella
by Sheena Binkley
Genre: Interracial, Mystery & Suspense, Romance 

What happens when the chaos ends and their normal life begins? 

It has been three years since Hayley and Morgan Carter experienced the turmoil caused by Morgan’s family. Now that the threats, kidnappings, and shootings are behind them, the two can now live a normal life with their two-year-old son, Morgan Jr. While Hayley is living her dream as an event coordinator for a high-profiled company, Morgan decided to go into law enforcement and become a detective. With their lives slowly falling into place, the two will soon find out that things are not what they seem. 
As the two receive some surprising news from a former nemesis, they must decide what is best to protect themselves and their loved ones. Will the two result back to their former lives to keep their happily ever after, or will it be too late? 

Sheena Binkley first discovered her love for storytelling when writing her first story for a class project at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has composed several short stories and numerous tales that are not only engaging, but simply entertaining. She is also a freelance writer, penning articles on various topics including education and entertainment. 

To date, her best-selling novels include In Love With My Best Friend, Love Unbroken, Something Just Ain't Right, and The Love Chronicles.

In April of 2016, Sheena launched her own publishing company which focus strictly on romance books. Besides writing, she loves reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. She lives in Houston (where the weather is always unpredictable) with her husband and son.

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I Stole His Car Book Tour & Giveaway

This morning, we have a new romantic suspense novel in our book spotlight.  Check out I Stole His Car, learn about author Jessica Frances--and enter for a chance to win a $15 Amazon gift card in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

I Stole His Car
Love At First Crime #1
by Jessica Frances
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense

She stole his car, so he stole her heart…

I saw something I never should have seen.
I took something they wanted back.
I was desperate. 
So, I did something I never would have normally done.
I stole a car.
Not just any car.
His car. 
Now I have no choice but to trust him.
Only he can help me get out of this mess.
Then, when we both become hunted,
And when feelings begin to complicate things,
Can I still count on his protection? 
Can I trust what is happening between us to be real?
Because, as some people say: there is nothing quite like love at first … crime.

Jessica Frances is an Australian author who currently resides in South Australia. She is an avid reader and loves to write. She works full-time as a baker, so writing is her hobby done when she has the time. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV.

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The Workings of Energy in the Human Energy Field: A Psychic's Perspective Book Review

In recent months, I have really started to focus on conscious living--and cleansing some of the negativity from my life.  Part of that focus has introduced me, vaguely, to energy fields and frequencies associated with the human body and its thoughts and aura.  This book caught my interest immediately and I am excited to share my review of The Workings of Energy in the Human Energy Field:  A Psychic's Perspective by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D.  What did I think of this book?


About the Book

The happenings in your life are not erratic, whimsical occurrences. They are external expressions of the content of your energy field. Before there is matter, there is energy. Your thoughts, beliefs, history and soul attributes exist as energy in your energy field. They create the reality that you know. When you change the content of your energy field, you change your life. The Workings of Energy shows you how energy operates in your energy field and offers tools to successfully work with energy. When you have this crucial knowledge, you have power; you can consciously work with energy to create your life.

My Review 

This book offers an excellent introduction to your personal energy fields.  The book is a quick read--but, really gives readers a lot of information in its pages.  We all hear about the value of a positive attitude, or that negative attitudes affect those around us.  This book really takes readers into the why and how of those perceptions from an energy viewpoint.  The author offers a well-written introduction to our energy and personal aura for those interested in quantum psychology or relating the universe to fulfilling our life's path--as well as those merely seeking to begin a path toward more conscious, aware living.  After the introduction and the first chapter, the author becomes less "technical" and more personal with stories and examples illustrating her thoughts and ideas--and language that is very easy for any interested reader to digest.  She takes a massive subject matter and summarizes her views very nicely for readers--offering her favorite, additional resources and further readings.

Don't let the "psychic" label dissuade you from the book.  Personally, I grew up with stories of a great-great-grandmother who was a psychic who channeled spirits and made fiddles stand and play on their own.  My grandfather, who had his own gifts, was more of a "mentalist." His Baptist upbringing preferred to characterize him as an "excellent judge of character and intention"--but, he used his talent for "reading" people (and their intentions and their auras) quite effectively throughout his life.  Gojkovic is not a crystal ball reading--let-me-tell-your-future sort of "psychic."  She reads a client's energy--and this is a different area of psychic readings.  For those of you who blow off the midway-mystics--reading Gojkovic's thoughts and ideas may open your eyes to a different world of psychic readings.

Would I recommend The Workings of Energy by Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D.?  I read the introduction and the first chapter a couple of times with a bit of uncertainty--then, the writing style seemed to change a bit from the more technical, sharing of an unknown realm to one which I found easy to relate and gain knowledge.  The author reads the energies and auras of her clients as a professional.  She was able to put these energies and auras into words to which readers can relate and begin to use on their own.  I absolutely love that she shares thoughts about the power of God/The Universe/personal energies present from birth...and...the need to strive for personal growth, responsibility and some risk/chance taking.  If you are looking for more conscious/present living with a focus on driving out negativity and living your personal destiny (on your chosen path)--this book is a wonderful starting point.

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About the Author

Zorica Gojkovic, Ph.D., is a professional psychic consulting with people all over the world. By reading energy in their aura, she helps clients heal core issues, realize their soul potential and experience ever-greater joy, love and peace. She received her Ph.D. in English. Her dissertation is about evolution of consciousness, mysticism and physics as they relate to the novel. Giving psychic readings has significantly expanded this original research. By reading energy in their aura, she helps clients heal core issues, realize their soul potential and experience ever-greater joy, love and peace.

More information and resources are available on her website, www.thetimeoflight.com.

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Honourable Lies Book Tour & Giveaway

This morning, we are featuring an historical romance in our book spotlight!  Check out Honourable Lies, learn a little about the author--and enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!

Honourable Lies
by Fran Connor
Genre: Historical Romance

Victorian England with its hypocritical mores, a poor orphan girl elevated to High Society where she learns how to be a 'Lady', a handsome and wealthy love interest and a dastardly baddie combine to make this Romatic Thriller a page turner that you won't put down. The road up from the gutter is long; the way back may be quicker unless Victoria can outwit her Nemesis and overcome her jealousy.

Fran Connor is British and lives in SW France with his wonderful wife Viv, their dog Molly and chickens. He claims he's living in that area for the lifestyle and weather which he says helps an author's creative juices. It may just be an excuse to drink wine and lounge in the sun. He writes novels, nine published so far with two more coming out soon. 

In addition to novels, he also writes screenplays.

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Give Mama Something Special this Christmas


Us mamas spend a whole lot of time letting our own needs slide so that we can take care of our families. We do this happily out of love, and there are few of us that would change things. However, because we spend so much time caring for others, come the holidays, wen can be a little frazzled, and I’m sure you’ll agree we deserve to get a nice surprise or two in our stockings!

If you have a dedicated mama in your life and you’re wondering what to get her for Christmas this year, check out these excellent suggestions that she’ll surely love:

A Family Photoshoot.  This one is particularly good for new mamas, and all it requires is booking a family and newborn photographer and rounding up the family for a fun photo shoot. This is a great gift because, not only does it give your mama a photograph that will remind her of one of the most important times in her life, wh9ich she can cherish forever, but it also requires the family coming together and spending some quality time, which she will cherish even more!

A Spa Break

If your mama has worked hard all year, I’m sure you’ll agree that she deserves a break, although she might never take one off her own back. So, why not force the issue by booking her a weekend spa break where she can get away from it all and be pampered by the finest professionals in the land. She’ll love it!

A Designer Handbag. If your mom is into fashion, but she rarely spends any money on herself, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’ll be filled with glee if she opens your gift on Christmas morning to find a designer handbag waiting for her. If you want to be promoted to favorite child status, a little something from Prada or Mulberry is the way to go!

A Good Book. If you’re the kind of family who likes to keep gift-giving simple and inexpensive, then buying your mama a good book that she can really sink her teeth into is a great idea., make it even better by offering to do a few chores or take your younger siblings out, so that she actually has the time to read it, and she’ll be delighted.
A Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers like the Fitbit are very popular right now, and if you have a mom who is a fitness fanatic, or perhaps who has vowed to finally get fit in the new year, a pretty fitness watch will make her day.

A Tea Chest. If mom loves sitting down with a nice cup of tea and good company, make her day this Christmas morning by presenting her with a pretty tea chest or cabinet that you’ve filled with all of the finest loose leaf tea and bags you can find. Tailor it to her tastes, and she’ll be in hot beverage heaven.

I hope this has given you some good ideas of how you can treat your mama this Christmas. She deserves it.