13 Fun Family-Friendly Activities to Do in July

July is a great month to get out and enjoy the summer weather with your family. There are so many fun activities to choose from, whether you're looking for something indoors or outdoors, active or relaxing.

Checklist of Family Fun Activities for July

In this blog post, we'll share 13 of our favorite family-friendly activities for July. It's a family fun bucket list, I guess!  I've included a variety of activities to appeal to all ages and interests, so there's sure to be something on this list that your family will love.   Ready to have some fun in July? Try some of these 13 Family Fun Activities for the month of July!  

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13 Fun Family-Friendly Activities to Do in July

  1. Go to the Beach. There's nothing quite like spending a day at the beach in July. You can swim, build sandcastles, play in the waves, or just relax and soak up the sun.  I just put together a list of my must haves when my family is packing for the beach. Our beach trips look a little different now that our girls are older--but, our packing lists aren't much shorter!
  2. Visit a water park. If you're looking for an activity that will keep you cool on a hot summer day, a water park is a great option. There are water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and more. Our family enjoys water park/lodging combos like Great Wolf Lodge--but, you can certainly hit a nearby water park for a few hours for a day trip. You can find our Ultimate Guide to Having Fun at a Waterpark with Kids here!
  3. Go camping. Camping is a great way to get back to nature and spend some quality time with your family. You can hike, fish, swim, roast marshmallows, and stargaze.  If you aren't much for tent camping, check out cabins or rural rentals available through a site like Airbnb.
  4. Go to a baseball game. There's nothing quite like the excitement of a live baseball game. You can cheer on your favorite team, eat hot dogs and popcorn, and enjoy the summer atmosphere. If visiting your local pro baseball team's field is a little pricey--check out local minor league teams.  Near us in Central Ohio, the Columbus Clippers have affordable ticket options--and usually some family packages or fun promo events like Dime-a-Dog Night or fireworks after the game.
  5. Go to a festival. There are many community festivals that take place in July, as well  as Fourth of July celebrations, county fairs, and large music festivals. These festivals are a great way to experience different cultures, enjoy live music, and sample delicious food. We have several festivals near us this month, so hopefully we can visit a few over the next few weeks.

  6.  Visit a museum. There are many museums that are kid-friendly, such as a children's museum, a natural history museum, and a science museum. These museums are a great way to learn about different cultures, history, and science.  Many museums offer summer discounts or family friendly events to encourage families to visit.  The Columbus Museum of Art offers free admission on Thursday evenings and Sundays through the summer months. 
  7. Go to a zoo. Zoos are a great way to see animals from all over the world. You can learn about the animals' habitats, diets, and behaviors. We are minutes from The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and love that they hold many educational activities and events like camps and workshops over the summer. 

  8. Watch Fireworks. Watching the fireworks in your community is  a great place to have fun and let loose. Many cities and small towns host community festivals along with their fireworks show.  You will often find parades, food trucks, vendors, and even rides and family friendly activities while you wait for the fireworks at dusk.

  9. Go hiking. Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. There are many hiking trails that are kid-friendly, such as the local park, the nature preserve, and the state park.  We generally hike at least once a weekend.  We are a little behind in our 52 Hike Challenge--but, we have lots of time to catch up!  I signed up for the 52 Hike Challenge in January.  The goal of the 52 Hike Challenge is to commit to 52 Hikes--ideally in a year.  But, you can begin the challenge at any time.  We are continuing our 52 Hike Challenge this month.

  10. Go biking. Biking is a great way to explore your surroundings and get some exercise. There are many bike trails that are kid-friendly, such as the local park, a community  bike path, or a greenway.  

  11. Pick Blueberries. Blueberry season is upon us here in Ohio.  July 8, 2023 is National Blueberry Day and July 10th is National Pick Blueberries Day.  If you have not picked your own blueberries, here are some blueberry picking tips I shared a couple of years ago.  What is my favorite blueberry recipe? Pancakes or French Toast Sticks with Blueberry Sauce is always a hit!  
  12. Have a picnic. Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and have a fun family meal. You can pack your own food and go to a park that has a picnic area or take your picnic basket out to your own backyard.  My kids have always loved lunch picnics!  It's a simple way to add something a little different to a long summer day.  Check out my list of Picnic Gear & Supplies to help you plan the perfect summer picnic!

  13. Have a backyard barbecue. Backyard barbecues are a great way to spend time with your family and enjoy the summer weather. You can grill burgers, hot dogs, and chicken, and enjoy some fun summer activities, such as water balloon fights and slip-and-slides.This weekend we'll be hosting a cookout with grilled Mini Burgers, Greek Pasta Salad, and No Bake Cherry Cheesecake on the menu!

These are just a few of the many fun family-friendly activities that you can do in July. So get out there and enjoy the summer with your loved ones!

What are your favorite family-friendly activities to do in July?

 Share your ideas in the comments below.

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