6 Amazing Volunteering Ideas for Seniors

You're mistaken if you think that volunteering is only for the young. It doesn't matter if you are 20 or 60; you can enjoy volunteering and the benefits that come with it. Retirement has become a new active phase for many seniors, and they can finally devote their interests to other things they couldn't do during their working years. Here are ways in which seniors can get involved in the community:


1.  Working With Children


This is important in the case where retirees live away from their grandchildren. Volunteering activities involving children will also include a background check and a specific commitment duration per week and over a specified time.


Volunteering may come in handy in the children hospital setups for:


     Reading Stories

     Monitoring playrooms

     Foster grandparenting


2.  Hunger Relief


Hunger and malnutrition affect almost all countries across the world. Hunger relief needs are on the rise during these challenging economic pandemic times of unemployment. Seniors can readily volunteer themselves through the local food banks in providing fresh produce through participation in the community gardens.


3.  Disaster Relief


Senior volunteers can respond to natural disasters by joining independent senior living community programs that effectively respond to such matters. However, this type of volunteering requires one to have certifications in lifesaving skills and handle donations and supplies effectively for the crisis survivors.


4.  Tour Guide


Seniors have the time to pursue and learn about topics that have long been of interest to them. There are many training opportunities for senior volunteers to lead tours and educate visitors. It's impressive how seniors with esoteric skills or interests have many volunteer programs available to them.


5.  Legal Advocate


Advocates come in handy in most organizations in legal representation, contract negotiations, or legal advice. Legal volunteers may come in handy in cases of:

     Domestic abuse

     Advocates for foster children

     Defending minorities

     Administrative roles in non-profit organizations


6.  Library Volunteer


This is a perfect opportunity, especially for seniors who are retired teachers.  They may come in handy since most libraries are underfunded. In the library, seniors can work as clerks as they share their love for books and reading.


These are some of the volunteer options for seniors. All that matters is choosing one that fits your passion and skills.



About the Author


Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beach goer operating out of Southern New Jersey who writes for a independent senior living center.


The Most Important Tools and Equipment for Your Construction Startup Business

When starting a construction business, it's crucial to have the right tools and equipment to get the job done. From basics like power tools and ladders to more specialized equipment like backhoes and dump trucks, every construction business needs a well-stocked arsenal of equipment to get started. Here's a look at the must-have items for your construction startup business.


1. Power Tools

No construction business would be complete without a good set of power tools. You'll need drills, saws, and other handheld devices to get the job done. If you're doing a lot of work with wood, you'll also need a table saw and other larger power tools. Ensure you have a good supply of replacement parts and batteries so you're never left stranded without a working tool.

Quality is essential for power tools, so don't be afraid to invest in well-made products that will last. You'll also want to ensure you have the proper safety gear, like gloves, goggles, and ear protection, to prevent injuries.

2. Ladders

A ladder is an essential piece of equipment for any construction business. You'll need it for tasks like painting, hanging drywall, or cleaning gutters. Choose a tall ladder to reach the highest point you'll need to access regularly but not so tall that it's challenging to maneuver. Inspect your ladder regularly for damage, and always use it safely to avoid accidents.

Some ladders have special features, like a built-in platform or hooks, which can be helpful for specific tasks. If you're working with heavy equipment or large tools, you may need a particular ladder to accommodate the weight.

3. Haulers and Trailers

If you're doing a lot of on-site work, you'll need a way to transport your tools and materials from one job to the next. A hauler or trailer will allow you to move everything you need in one trip, saving you time and money. Choose a hauler or trailer that's the right size for your business and ensure it's properly equipped to tow your equipment safely.

Many brands of haulers and trailers are on the market, but choosing the right one can be tricky. Volvo is one of the most trusted brands in the business, and you can find a quality Volvo hauler for sale in many different locations. If you're unsure which model is right for you, ask a salesperson for help.

4. Backhoes

If you're planning on doing any excavation work, a backhoe is an essential piece of equipment for your business. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the different types of backhoes available so you can choose the one that's best suited for your needs. You'll also need to ensure you have someone on staff who is appropriately trained in its operation.

Storing and maintaining a backhoe can be a challenge, so be sure to have a plan before purchasing one. You'll need a large storage space and ensure the backhoe is regularly serviced to prevent problems. Don't forget to factor in the cost of fuel and other operating expenses when budgeting for a backhoe.

5. Dump Trucks

Dump trucks transport materials like dirt, gravel, or debris from one job site to another. If you're in the construction business, you'll need at least one dump truck. Some companies rent dump trucks, but owning your own can be more cost-effective in the long run. You can find both new and used dump trucks for sale, so be sure to compare prices before making a purchase.

When choosing a dump truck, consider the truck's size and the type of materials you'll be transporting. You'll also need to decide whether you want a manual or automatic transmission. Some dump trucks have special features, like four-wheel drive, which can be helpful in certain situations.

6. Cranes

A crane can be an invaluable piece of equipment for your business if you frequently work with large or bulky items. Like other types of heavy machinery, cranes require proper training and certification to operate safely, so be sure you're familiar with the requirements before using one on your job site. This equipment is also very expensive, so you'll need to factor that into your budget. You may be able to find a used crane for sale, but it's essential to make sure it's in good working condition before making a purchase.


These are just some of the essential tools and equipment you'll need for your construction startup business. By having these items on hand, you'll be prepared to take on any job that comes your way. Safety is paramount when working with heavy machinery or dangerous materials, so follow all safety guidelines when using any of these items on your job site.



Inside Your Heaven: Inspiring Stories of the Afterlife Book Review & Book Tour Giveaway

This morning, I have an adult spiritual, nonfiction novel in our book review spotlight.  Check out Inside Your Heaven, learn about author April Natale, read my thoughts on the book & be sure to enter for a chance to win a prize in the book review giveaway at the end of this post.

​Book TitleInside Your Heaven: Inspiring Stories of the After Life by April Natale
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+),  244 pages
Genre: Spiritual
Publisher:  April Natale (self-published)
Release date:  July 28 2021
Content Rating:  PG: Some Mature Content  


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About the Book

This book affirms our loved ones are always here with us. If you suffer the deep grief of losing loved ones, or suspect connecting with spirits is possible, or remain fascinated by otherworldly premonitions, dreams, or signs, you will be inspired by this book! Follow along as April comes to terms with her own childhood trauma and grows into her vocation, first as a nurse, then as a Psychic Medium. In this book she shares stories about:

  • Gianna and Vanessa overcome the painful loss of their mothers.
  • Elena receives guidance and comfort from her Uncle and Grandmother
  • Ella’s Babcia (grandmother) helps her feel more beautiful, more loved, no longer abandoned.
  • Sammy’s loving parents help affirm her self-worth.
  • Leah Rae and Jenny receive closure and peace from the spirits of their deceased children

Other incredible stories await that will inspire you. You’ll also discover your own gifts and how to embrace your gifts. It will make you less fearful about death and more able to heal. So that you can live a more loving and purposeful life!


My Review

Inside Your Heaven Offers Inspirational Look at Life--and the Afterlife. Part memoir and part non-fictional look at a psychic medium's life, stories and experiences, Inside Your Heaven is the perfect book for those interested in psychic phenomena and spiritual connections. I enjoyed learning about April as she shared her open and honest life and experiences on each page. I loved the stories from others that she chose to share and include. The book gives an emotional, inspirational look into the lives of others so that we may also consider our own spirituality and signs.


The Author's Writing Style Holds Readers Interest From Beginning to End. With a simple, down-to-Earth, real-world writing style, April begins with her story and progresses to include others as she shares accounts of her psychic gift at work. While some of the reports of readings and sessions are a little similar, each adds to the inspirational, heart-tugging realizations of April's connections to the worlds around her. I love memoirs and believe in psychic abilities, so this book was the perfect blend of personal stories for me to enjoy from beginning to end. 


Would I Recommend Inside Your Heaven by April Natale? I loved the author's storytelling and honest, open words as she opened her spiritual life and psychic gifts to readers. Even if you are a skeptic of spiritual connections and psychics, you may still find the author's experiences and stories interesting and relatable--and even a little enlightening. If you are interested in stories of the afterlife, spirituality, and connections beyond our physical world, this is a great read that will stay with you long after the last page. 

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Meet the Author

April Natale is a nurse and psychic medium, who has been seeing Spirit since she was a child and suffered from anxiety for years because she didn’t understand her gift. She eventually got help from an International spiritual healer, teacher, and author, Pat Longo, who taught her how to understand and use her gifts. Soon April was channeling and relaying healing messages from the other side to people across the U.S. and now works with clients across the globe. She now does readings for clients to help them deal with their grief and communicate with their loved ones who have crossed over. She lives in Chicago, Illinois, and you can reach her through her website.

connect with the author: website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

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