Looking for the Best Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas?

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Have you ever lost the cat in your child’s stuffed animal collection? With three stuffed animal loving daughters, A Mama’s Corner of the World gets completely lost in stuffed animals at times! Holidays and birthdays (which range from September through January in this corner of the world) only add to the collections—and the clutter. Luckily, we have sought out some great stuffed animal storage ideas and would love to share our favorite stuffed animal storage finds.

The Boon Animal Bag Stuffed Animal Storage

The Boon Animal Bag stuffed animal storage units are super cute. They are available in bright, playroom friendly colors like tangerine, blue raspberry, and grape—as well as more neutral gray which is perfect in our family room as well—and are designed to function as both storage units and soft, stuffed animal filled seating. (Think bean bag chair stuffed with stuffed animals instead of beans!)  The bags are available as single bags or in groups of three (which I love). Words of advice? Make sure that you only include plush stuffed animals—and skip the ones with “voice-boxes” or battery packs. They make uncomfortable seats—and if they are stored away while still turned on—you are forced to listen to a random ape sing “Born to be Wild” or some other toy-song until his battery dies or you are forced to find him!

Stuffed Animal and Toy Hammocks
I have used these to varying levels of success over the years. My oldest daughter likes to use one to store a few of her favorites in view—but, for large-scale storage (especially if the kids still frequently play with the animals)—the hammocks are not the most convenient, accessible stuffed animal storage units. I do like them for smaller stuffed toys—like Beanie Babies or little Webkinz so that the girls can separate the little ones easier. Hammocks do come in multiple sizes and are quick and easy to install.

Mesh Storage Stuffed Animal Hanger
This is a great way to take advantage of ceiling space for stuffed animal storage! The mesh storage bags are suspended from the ceiling—leaving valuable floor space open. The drawbacks? The kids may need some help retrieving animals from taller tiers—and the Velcro closure from which the hanger hangs doesn’t allow the storage unit to be overfilled.

Chain Gang Stuffed Animal Storage

These are great for little, lightweight stuffed animals. I have also used them to store hats, belts, purses—and other collections like ribbons of keychains or postcards from vacations.

Stuffed Animal Trees

Stuffed Animal Trees are able to store larger stuffed animals—but, as with the Chain Gang unit, storing large collections of animals requires more than one unit due to storage capacity.

The Zoo


The Zoo stuffed animal storage unit from Little ZooKeepers is probably my absolute favorite stuffed animal storage idea ever. The unit takes up around 2 feet of floor space—extends upward and holds approximately 90 medium sized plush toys. The little ones are able to easily move the flexible “cage” bars to either retrieve or return animals—or the toys can be tossed through the open top for quick and easy cleanup (and a bit of room for a few extra critters to stick out of the opening!) The unit is also easy to attach to the wall to avoid a tipping hazard (which this safety-conscious mom loves!)

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  2. I made a storage ottoman which I use to stuff all our stuff toys. Check it out


  3. My boys would love that cage to store their stuffed animals in.