Healthy Afternoon Snack Idea: Chocolate Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait

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Looking for a quick, easy, and healthy afternoon snack idea? My afternoons are busy and I still fall prey to those late afternoon energy lulls where lunch is long past, but dinner is hours (and a lot of work) away. I try to avoid processed foods and unhealthy convenience snacks as much as possible--but, that's not always easy to do on a hectic work day. I frequently toss a few ingredients together for a smoothie--like the spiced pear smoothie that I shared last week. Sometimes a snack drink doesn't quite fit my mood. This Chocolate Berry Greek Yogurt parfait is loaded with protein to satisfy my afternoon hunger and just enough chocolate sweetness to fool me into believing that it's not a healthy snack.

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Ingredients for Chocolate Berry Yogurt Parfaits 
1 c. Greek Yogurt, Plain or Vanilla
2 1/2 Tbsp. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
3 tsp. Stevia in the Raw
1/2 c. Strawberries, sliced or Fresh Blueberries or other fruit as preferred
1/4 c. Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Cerealor Granola

Instructions for Chocolate Berry Greek Yogurt Parfaits (Serves 2)

Prepare the chocolate yogurt.  In a small mixing bowl, combine the Greek yogurt and the cocoa powder. Whisk or stir briskly to combine. Add sweetener to taste. Unsweetened cocoa powder is bitter--so expect to add more or less sweetener than suggested above to adjust to your personal tastes.

Layer the parfaits. Layer the granola, fruit and chocolate yogurt mixture evenly into two container. When sharing these parfaits with friends, I like to serve them in quirky martini glasses (as shown) or stemless wine glasses for a creative presentation.

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