Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese App Review

Looking for some beer or wine to go with that great cheese salad?  Check
out the Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese App and Website!
 I was recently asked to review Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese, a new Android application and internet based interactive application. Are you a beer and wine enthusiast or a wine/cheese pairing expert? Or, like many of us, could you use a little help choosing that next combo? If you have ever planned a wine and cheese appetizer or a tasting party, you know all too well selection makes or breaks a great pairing—and can destroy a successful tasting experience! In today’s wine shop, or inside a craft beer retailer, with so many global options, choosing a wine and cheese combo or selecting a beer and cheese appetizer is daunting at best—terrifying at worst! has offered a quick and easy to access solution, in techie app form, to your wine/cheese pairing dilemma—or to your beer/cheese pairing dilemma.

When asked to review a product, I put its convenience and ease of use, quality, and value to a busy Mama style test. Any product to which I become emotionally attached must be convenient, easy to understand and to use while multitasking, and priced at a value that fits a real family’s budget. How did the Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese App and Website stand up to my mom review?

Ease of Use and Convenience of Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese. Both the free application, available for the Android market, and the PC website were easy to access, download and quick and simply to operate for results. Users simply begin by selecting from a pull down list of a wine, beer or cheese option and pressing a “go” button. If the user has selected a wine, such a Reisling, the program will return California cheese options suitable to pairing with Reisling. If a user selects a cheese type, such as Gouda, the application returns pairing results for a beer, wine and fruit pairing option.

Is Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese a quality product? Whle I would like to see more wine and beer varietals offered, the selection is a nice one and the program does return valid, quality pairings much faster than several minutes of online research with alternative sites. I would certainly use the app while out shopping—or seeking to match up a quick wine or beer to cheese and fruit onhand at home! It’s quick, easy to access and yields reasonably, verifiable results.

Is Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese worth its value? It’s offered as either a free Android application or for PC use with not even a registration requirement. Granted, the purpose is promotion of Real California Cheeses—but, the ease and value of the service is undeniable.

Mama's Final Thoughts? Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese is a quick, easy, free option to making a great beer/wine and cheese pairing for your next dinner party or tasting. It was easy to download, easy to use, and gave busy, mom friendly results. Remember, that every varietal or blend is not covered--but the basics offer plenty to work with !  I would certainly use it again and would recommend it.

Where can you get Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese?

Check out the website or the Android application market, such as the one provided by

***I was provided the opportunity to review Pair Savvy with Real California Cheese through an affiliation with the One 2 One Network and The California Milk Advisory Board/Real California Cheese. I did not receive compensation for this post—although my post does qualify me to enter a giveaway for a specialty gift basket or gift card. As always my review opinions and post details are my own and not influenced by the promotion providers!

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