Z to A Challenge: My Latest Source of Blogging Motivation

Are you ready to follow me on a month of alphabet inspired blog posts? I have committed myself—as well as I can commit myself from day to day—to a group pledging to create daily blog posts throughout the month of May according to a letter of the alphabet. We’ll be working backward from letter Z to letter A beginning today, May 2!

As you know, I have 2 blogs— A Mama's Corner of the World and One Fat Cat With a Blog--but, do not often post as regularly as I should…or could. As with many people, having a group to “answer” to daily may be just what I need to keep the blog up and posting! And if Thompson life interferes and I am not able to complete my daily tasks—I will at least have the opportunity to read some creative posts and get to know some of the other bloggers and freelance writers participating in the Z to A Challenge!

You can "meet" the Z to A Blog Challenge host and learn more about the blog challege by visiting one of her blogs at Write Wrong or Indifferent ! Don't forget to take a look at some of the participating blogs while you are there as well!

Now…onto the letter Z!

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