Santé Nut Review and Discount Offer

Mama’s Corner of the World was recently offered the opportunity to sample and review a selection of gourmet nuts from California based Santé Specialty Foods. Our family had never tried Santé Nuts and looked forward not only to learning more about the company but, of course, to sampling the nuts in recipes and as snacks. How did Santé Nuts stand up to review here in Mama’s Corner of the World?

Have you heard of Santé Nuts? The Santé Nuts Specialty Food Company began in the kitchen of a mom. Stay at home mom Sara Tidhar faced an all too common dilemma when she became a single mom: what could she do to support herself and her children after being out of the workforce in her mom role? She found the answer in her kitchen as her roasted nut recipes grew from family favorites into a thriving business.

How did Santé Nuts stand up in A Mama’s Corner of the World review? We received a sample of each of four varieties of specialty roasted nuts available at Santé. What did we think of each?

Santé Candied Walnuts. The Santé  candied walnuts were wonderful. The walnut halves were huge—and the roasting process used by Santé  leaves behind nearly no oil/seasoning residue and no bitter walnut aftertaste. The nuts were great as snacks—and we also tried them in chicken salad, atop tossed salads and plan to try a few of the recipes using nuts available on the Santé website.

Santé Candied Pecans. The candied pecans were the hands-down favorite for two of our three girls. The nuts had just the right combination of sweet and salty—and again were wonderful because there was not a coating of oil gracing the girls’ hands (and my furniture) after a snack. Since the girls devoured these alone as snacks and within some homemade trail mix—we didn’t have the opportunity to check out any of the recipe ideas.

Santé Garlic Almonds.  The Santé garlic almonds were my personal favorite—and my husband’s as well. With the Cajun-style spices--they were a bit too spicy for the girls—but great for us. They were wonderful for snacking—and while they didn’t make their way into any recipes, I think they will be a must have for our next Mardi Gras party.

Santé Roasted Salted Pecans.  My youngest daughter chose the roasted salted pecans as her favorite. The pecan pieces were well roasted and seasoned—again avoiding the oily, oversalted, bitterness so often found in roasted nuts. These would be great as a pecan coating for fish or chicken, if they made it beyond the snack table, of course.

With all of the roasted nuts on the market, why should you try Santé Nuts? The Santé Nuts are all natural, gluten free, small batch roasted gourmet nuts. As soon as you taste one, you notice a difference that sets them apart from lots of the gourmet nuts on the market. There is no heavy oil taste or oily residue to coat your hands, the salt and seasonings are not overpowering, the nuts are fresh, large, crunchy and taste great.

Want to try Santé Nuts? I think they would make great Christmas gifts—in fact, I may start hinting now that I would like a sampler pack! If you want to try the roasted nuts available at Santé—or give them as a gift—they are offering my readers a 25% discount through December 16th. Simply place your order online at Sante Nuts and enter the following Coupon Code during checkout:



Disclaimer: I was provided with a free sample of Sante Gourmet Nuts to review for this post—but, as always, my opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the company.

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