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We love the resident zoo here at A Mama’s Corner of the World. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of personally meeting them—there are 5 critters gracing the halls (and stairs, beds, floors, tabletops, etc.) here in AMCOTW. Currently, all of our pets are rescues—and we love finding new ways to help them be their best and healthiest. We would love for you to meet our favorite furry friends.

Frito T. Cat. Frito was our oldest daughter’s kindergarten graduation gift. While it’s hard for us to remember when she was that little—it’s even more difficult to remember when Frito was a 6 oz. teeny baby, runt of the litter, adopted from a pet store adoption drive. He is the cat with the most character, the most talent—and the most girth—of any in the Thompson house. He blogs at One Fat Cat with a Blog—when he gets some free computer time.

Gina. If Rage Against the Machine had a mascot—Gina the Siamese, psycho cat mix, would be it. She is the most unpleasant and opinionated of all of the cats. She hates the dog, she hates the kids, she hates the other cats, she hates it when ANYTHING is out place in the house—and she isn’t afraid to let her feelings shine through. Luckily, her out of the box, cat-i-tude has made her Mama’s favorite since she moved in from a pet store adoption drive nearly 10 years ago!

Lea. What happens when a hormonal, pregnant lady and a kitty loving toddler find a starving stray in the neighborhood? Kitty moves in—and dad learns to adjust. Lea survived a fairly tough winter before appearing on our doorstep one very early spring. Macy, the middle daughter—about 2 ½ at the time—loved the striped kitty and Mama, pregnant with the baby Madelyn couldn’t resist that nurturing urge. Lea, once so underweight that the vet underestimated her age by months, moved in and never again expressed the urge to go out. She’ll still steal your ham sandwich—although she now resembles a basketball with legs rather than a skeleton cat--and is still Macy’s favorite in spite of the years.

Fluffy D’Tail. Sir Fluffsy found his way to us after his owner, an elderly man a few doors down, passed away in late Fall. We wondered if the man’s children, who rarely visited from out of town, knew that he took care of the mostly outdoor cat—or if the cat, which was pretty skittish—had any interest in them. At any rate—Ohio suffered the fallout of Hurricane Ike and the winds were horrible and likely terrifying to a newly, homeless cat. Sir Fluff moved into an inaccessible corner of our garage when we were battling some downed trees—and after a few days—decided that the food we offered was safe and edible. We had recently lost Sal E. Cat—another stray who had adopted us a few years earlier—so the girls were sure that Sal had guided Fluffy D’ Tail to his safe, new home. Fluff is currently only a housecat when he chooses (i.e when the weather is cold)—but, the vet’s office has him labeled as the “best cat ever” on his “official chart”.

Max--the lone dog.  Bear, our 16 year old Pomeranian, suffered from heart failure, blindness, deafness, and massive nosebleeds due to uncontrollable blood pressure. Bear moved on to Rainbow Bridge two years ago in early May—and the house desperately missed a canine presence. Two weeks later, we were drawn to Southern Ohio to an animal shelter overpopulated by surrenders from a community hard hit by the economy and the closure of one of the area’s largest employers. We found a number of puppies on the Clinton County Animal Shelter’s website, planned our visit—but, fell in love with a hound dog mix (not on our list) on site. (The husband said the puppy was the “best salesman” of the bunch.) Max moved in—and I have never met a greater dog. The cats hate him—but, are slowly coming around—and he is probably the most patient animal ever with three girls who love to “cuddle”.   Max isn't nearly this small anymore--but he still tries to stuff himself in that little chair!

So—this is the rest of the family here at A Mama’s Corner of the World. What furry pals are in your family? We love pictures—we also love to explore the blogs of those more “vocal”, furry friends—and we love adoption success stories! Who would you like to share with us?

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  1. Ahh I had to find the pets of yur home, they are wonderful, I have 2 cats that do keep me entertained.
    Thank you for visiting this week.

    Oh My Heartsie Girl



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