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As a mom with a kindergartner and a third grader, as well as a high school junior—I am all too aware of the importance of basic math and reading skills to a child’s educational career. From early math facts to reading comprehension to the foundations of algebra, our little ones need to absorb a lot of skills in those early years of elementary school.  For our "digital age" kids--paper worksheets and flashcards are simply not effective.  When I learned about the K-5 Learning website and was offered the opportunity to review it with my elementary aged daughters, I jumped at the chance. How did K-5 Learning stand up to my web-savvy mom review?

When the girls and I review a children’s product or learning site—we look at many of the same factors as in our other reviews. We consider ease of use, quality, price, and, most importantly, overall value of the product to both parents and children. How would we rate the K-5 Learning website?

Is the K-5 Learning website easy to use? The K-5 Learning website is extremely user friendly. While the girls are very tech-savvy, they do occasionally have difficulty navigating some web sites. They both moved through the K-5 Learning site with ease. As a busy parent, I find that my attention span is short—and I visit sites quickly. If sites load slowly or are unorganized, I move on to another program or site. From the initial free-trial registration through individual assessments, lessons and report downloads—we were very impressed with the layout and ease of use of K-5 Learning.

Does K-5 Learning pass the quality test? Many learning websites are mostly video game styled fun with snippets of basic skill review tossed in—and computerized assessments are not an adequate measure of my daughters’ strengths and weaknesses. Both the math and reading assessments at K-5 Learning truly yielded the results that I had expected. I especially liked the fact that the girls had structured, easy to understand lessons to work through—rather than being able to pick and choose random skills to practice. This program helped guide our girls through lessons to develop or reinforce weaker skills—making my job a whole lot easier!

Does K-5 Learning offer relevant lessons in a fun format that the kids want to use? I was extremely happy with the grade level assessments, lessons and features offered by K-5 Learning. My middle daughter needed to memorize basic math facts—and paper flashcards are just not appealing to her. The K-5 Learning site offers a specific math fact review section that offers just enough digital, “gaminess” for the girls to enjoy—and tackles the dreaded math fact practice that is painful in our house via flashcards! Honestly, the best educational software in the world is useless if the kids will not play it or use it. K-5 Learning combines just the right amount of “video game” charm with true math and reading lessons and aids to help me better prepare the girls for success while giving them a fun and interesting learning format that they enjoy using.

Can K-5 Learning be individualized? I think this was the best part of the K-5 Learning website for our family. Based on our daughters’ assessments, lesson plans were designed to meet each girl’s individual needs. I was also given the freedom to request changes if we felt that the lessons were either too easy or too difficult.

How was the K-5 Learning customer service? The K-5 Learning customer service was wonderful. While learning my way around the site, I had questions that I was not able to quickly determine from the site FAQs or forum. I received wonderful communication and support via the site’s Contact Us form. It was really nice to have my questions answered quickly and completely.

Price. The K-5 Learning website requires subscription based access after the initial free trial period ends. Since the plan is individualized, families are not able to share one student account—but, there are discounts available for multiple student homes. It is important to understand, however, the level of instruction and tutoring aids that is included with K-5 Learning is far superior to anything offered by lower cost or free websites.

Final thoughts on K-5 Learning? K-5 Learning is not the average learning website for elementary aged children. The site offers the structure and formatting of tutoring from home or a mobile device at a fraction of the cost of face to face tutoring. With summer approaching, I would certainly recommend K-5 Learning to parents seeking a fun, easy, effective way to add math and reading review to the summer routine.

Ready to learn more about K-5 Learning and sign up? 
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Disclosure:  I was not compensated for my review.  I did receive an extended 6 week free trial period to allow for myself and my daughters to fully assess the program.  As always, all opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the the company or brand featured.

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