5 Kitchen Gadgets that Busy Moms Need

We are going to take a break from recipes today in our Blogging from A to Z challenge—and talk about Kitchen Gadgets for our letter K entry. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen here in this Mama’s Corner of the World—and we are constantly looking for cool new kitchen gadgets and products that busy moms need to make kitchen time easier. What are 5 kitchen gadgets that we think every busy mom should have?

A Slow Cooker. There are honestly times when even moms who love to cook simply don’t have the hours in the day to cook! It’s a wonderful thing to come home at the end of a busy day to a house full of wonderful dinner smells—and a slow cooker meal waiting in the kitchen. We have a family of five—so we love the large capacity slow cookers for meals with planned leftovers.

Jar Opener. There is nothing worse than struggling to open a vacuum sealed jar of food—or a jar containing an absolutely required meal ingredient. When pounding the jar or heating the lid fails to loosen the seal, a jar opener is a meal saver.

Magnetic Knife Rack. I have a few sets of knives—some that I frequently use and others for specific purposes that are rarely used at all. Knife blocks take up too much valuable counter space and knives hidden away in a drawer are too hard to find when needed. Hanging, magnetic knife racks keep our knives up and out of the reach of little fingers—and displayed for quick and easy access.

Curved cutting board. I use my cutting boards every day for something—whether it’s slicing bagels for breakfast or chopping vegetables for dinner. There is nothing worse than losing valuable time (and produce) when chopped foods fall off the edge of a standard, flat cutting board. Curved cutting boards make transferring foods from cutting board to cooking pans or serving bowls much easier—and reliable!

A Food Chopper. I do a lot of my food chopping by hand—but, love the convenience of a small food chopper. It’s easier to clean than a large food processor—and a lot faster than hand chopping small quantities.

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  1. You are making me hungry. I need to get another slow cooker. and learn how to make Dandelion wine. Here from the A to Z challenge



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