AlternaVites Kids Review and Giveaway

Do your kids hate children’s vitamins?  Is it a daily struggle to get them to take vitamin supplements? I remember how much I hated the taste and texture of children’s chewable vitamins as a child.  Although the old-school, crunchy chalk bites molded in the form of cartoon character vitamins have been upgraded over the years to include gummy vitamins—sometimes there is still no pleasing the kids in the vitamin aisle.  When I was offered the opportunity to review and giveaway a month’s supply of AlternaVites Kids—a powdered alternative to traditional children’s vitamin supplements—I was as interested for the girls to try them as I was to try them.  (I still hate to take my vitamins!)  How did AlternaVites Kids stand up to review in A Mama’s Corner of the World?

Are AlternaVites Kids comparable to traditional children’s vitamin supplements?  One of my fears when trying new health related products, especially for the kids, is that they won’t measure up to our usual products.  AlternaVites for kids is a complete multivitamin & mineral supplement for children aged 4 and up that comes in the form of a sugar free, aspartame free powder that actually reminds parents and kids of Pixie Stick candy sticks.  Unlike some other vitamin supplements, AlternaVites contain no artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners, or flavors. 

Are AlternaVites easy to use?  Since AlternaVites come in pre-measured packets of powder—they are relatively easy to sprinkle directly on the tongue—or add to yogurt or pudding.  We reviewed the Strawberry Bubblegum flavor—and our middle daughter found it to be a bit intense when sprinkled directly on her tongue.  But, she is also not a Pixie Stix fan either.  The girls needed a little more help with AlternaVites than with a pill form vitamin.  I was afraid that they would spill the powder and not receive the full vitamin dosage.

Will the kids actually take AlternaVites?  Our girls liked using AlternaVites.  They became fairly creative with the children’s vitamin alternative.  One daughter mixed hers in plain cream cheese to top a bagel.  Another created strawberry applesauce with her AlternaVites packet. 

AlternaVites price and availability.  AlternaVites Kids are available for purchase online priced at $15.95 for a 30 day supply.  A portion of the proceeds from each package of AlternaVites is donated to cancer research. 

Our final thoughts about AlternaVites?  There was no debate about which gummy vitamin character the girls would choose from the vitamin bottle.  There was no fuss over “sour gummies” vs. regular.  There was no need to double brush teeth to get rid of the gummy residue.  While my daughters are generally fine with traditional vitamin supplements—their mama could certainly benefit from the adult AlternaVites.

Interested in Buying AlternaVites for kids (or for adults)?  AlternaVites is currently offering our readers a 20% discount on items at the website.  Simply use discount code moms20 when placing your order at the website.

Would you like to win a 30 day supply of AlternaVites Kids?  Simply enter below in the Rafflecopter entry form!  We’ll be awarding one reader a 30 day supply of AlternaVites Kids on May 16th

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