Looking Back at Living Below the Line Challenge Day Two

The second day of the Living Below the Line Challenge passed without much fanfare.  I was a little more eager for breakfast than usual--even though I wasn't really excited about the menu options.  I will admit that I was a little grumpier than usual--at least the husband thought so.  I hadn't slept well, I had a lot of to-do's on my to-do list and was literally tired when I woke up. 

Breakfast.  I chose to hold off on breakfast until later in the morning since most of my other meals would also be later in day.  (Maybe I would sleep better if I ate dinner later?)   Breakfast consisted of one poached egg in water, one slice of toasted bread and 1/2 a banana.   I ate the banana while my egg was cooking--so it didn't make it into the photo.   I didn't burn the toast today--but, dry toast, burnt or not, is just no all that tasty.   Realizations. Once again, I don't have the option to eat what I want or what I like--I really need to eat what I have.  

Lunch.  Pasta with carrots and onions cooked in a teaspoon of cooking oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.  I realized during lunch that pasta without its usual marinara sauce--or even a homemade olive oil and veggie sauce--was not my favorite thing.  I added some of the starchy cooking liquid to make the meal less dry.

Dinner.  Since the warm pasta was not so tasty at lunchtime--I didn't bother wasting the time heating it for dinner.  I simply sliced a boiled egg over it, added more salt and pepper and ate it like a cold pasta salad.  It wasn't great--but, it was better than lunch......or perhaps I was hungrier by dinner time.

My realizations from Day Two of the Living Below the Line Challenge:
1.  I would give my children my food in a heartbeat.  When Madelyn the youngest asked for a carrot from my "supplies"--I gave it to her. I cannot imagine watching my child live with hunger--and being unable to provide for her.
2. I only bought food with my budget.  What about toilet paper or dish detergent?  How could I buy Ibuprofen for the headache I've developed?  Simply buying food was discouraging on my $7.50 allowance.
3. I could possibly eat rice every day--but, pasta is a different story.  In fact, I would consider trading my remaining pasta for almost anything right now.  Ideally a salad or a glass of milk.
4.  My sense of smell seems to have increased dramatically.  I swear I can smell KFC and Tumbleweed from 0.2 miles away...
5.  My middle daughter has a big heart--which I guess I already knew.  She shared her water with me when I forgot my own water on our trip to her dance class. 

If you are interested in donating or learning more about the Living Below the Line Challenge--visit the Below the Line website.

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