Super Simple Ham and Egg Stuffed Breakfast Crescent Roll Ups

My girls love ham and eggs--and crescent rolls are always a quick hit for dinner rolls or for the occasional, crescent-dog for lunch. My girls are just beginning to discover crescent roll versatility in other recipes!  While I made the Steakhouse Inspired Frittata from some weekend leftovers, the younger girls opted to make a quick, non-steak, brunch this morning instead. These simple ham and egg stuffed breakfast crescent roll ups were just right for their ingredients on-hand, their taste buds, and their attention spans!

Ingredients for Super Simple Ham and Egg Stuffed Breakfast Crescent Roll Ups
2 tsp. Butter or Margarine
4 Slices Deli Ham, diced
1/3 c. White Mushrooms, Chopped
½ tsp. Mrs. Dash Table Seasoning
5 Eggs, Lightly Beaten
1/3 c. Shredded Cheddar/Monterey Jack Cheese Blend
1 Roll of Crescent Rolls (separated into 8 triangles)

Instructions for our Easy Ham and Egg Stuffed Breakfast Crescent Roll Ups
Preheat oven and prepare baking sheet. Preheat oven to 375 F and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil for easy cleanup. You may wish to lightly spray with butter flavored cooking spray as well.

Cook the ham and egg filling. Melt the butter in a medium skillet. Add the mushrooms and ham to the butter and sauté until mushrooms are tender. Add the eggs and spices. Scramble the eggs into the mixture until the eggs are no longer runny. Remove from heat.

Build the crescents. Add approximately 2 tbsp. of the egg filling to each crescent triangle. Continue to spread any remaining filling onto the triangles evenly until all filling has been placed on a crescent roll. Sprinkle each crescent with approximately 1/8 of the shredded cheese. Roll each crescent, returning filling as necessary to the roll up.

Bake. Bake approximately 14-18 minutes or until crescents are golden brown. Remove with a sturdy spatula and serve warm.

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