Morning Money: Ways to Make Money Online: Jingit Review

Are you looking for a few quick and easy ways to make a little extra cash through online websites and survey sites?  Over the years, I have signed up for a few survey sites and consumer research sites and such--and have earned legitimate payments.  I have also signed up for a few that loaded my email accounts with spam and didn’t really offer anything of any value.  Although it’s been around for quite some time, I just discovered a site called Jingit that offers ads and surveys from brands and pays enrolled Jingit members for viewing and completing tasks.  What do we think of Jingit as a way to make money online?

Jingit is user friendly.  Signup was easy--although you do need to add a mobile phone for account verification.  Jingit is extremely easy to navigate and find earning opportunities, update accounts, and access FAQ’s about the website’s terms, conditions and operations.  Fees and account terms and conditions are easy to find and understand.  The site is also active on Facebook and Twitter.
Can you make money on Jingit?  There were two video ad opportunities available when I signed up--watched both and earned 30 cents in a couple of minutes.  There were also opportunities for earning through smartphone “brand check-ins” at a local WalMart store.  Those two opportunities have payouts of 25 cents each--and require that I download the Jingit app for my smartphone and use it to complete the “check-ins”.  Currently, Jingit has weekly payout limits.  A new member with no referrals is limited to earning $10 per week.  Referring friends causes the payout limit to gradually increase toward a weekly $15 limit.  The site does not indicate how much the limit increases per referral--so, we’ll have to keep you posted on those details as we learn them.

How do payouts work at Jingit?  Jingit pays out member earnings via either a Jingit Visa debit card or toward Jingit’s on-site music portal purchases.  While the Visa debit card allows users to use the cash however they like, there are card fees associated with the account--like a fee to open the account--and users must essentially sign up for the debit card through a Jingit bank partner (currently US bank) and provide typical bank account sign up information--such as a social security number.  With three music loving, iPod wielding daughters--I’ll likely use my earnings toward purchases.

What do we think of Jingit as a money making opportunity?  You won’t get rich from Jingit--and the site shows you that upfront with its weekly earning limits.  I probably won’t do many of the “brand check-ins” since I’m very rarely a WalMart shopper and WalMart seems to be their “check-in” hotspot--but, I’ll probably do a quick opportunity check on the site during lunch or during my morning coffee.  I would like to see other payout methods--but, at least for me, I think Jingit will be a quick way to earn some random music downloads for the girls.  The prices per song/album download are a bit more expensive than other music download sites--but, I was just not inclined to accept the debit card fees.  Before diving into the site, just be sure to read the Jingit debit card fees and Jingit site terms thoroughly and read through the Jingit FAQ’s.  

Disclosure:  We were not paid by the site for this review.  If you sign up for Jingit through our referral link, we simply have our weekly payout limit increased.  The information provided is accurate as of the time of writing--(2/19/13)--but, will likely change over time.  We may or may not update this post to reflect site changes in terms or operation, so be sure to verify details directly at the site reviewed.

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