Revolt Fitness Review: Week 2 Recap and Travel Challenges

As I mentioned, I am currently a Revolt Fitness Blogger and Affiliate and will be reviewing the program over the next several weeks.  Last weekend was travel packed and I wanted to wait until Monday morning to recap the ups and downs of our week as we continued to participate in the Revolt Fitness program for the 2nd week.    Eating healthy foods during family travel is not always easy and convenient—and to complicate matters, we spent Saturday and Saturday at two day long dance competitions in separate cities with a hotel stay between the two.  How did we do for our 2nd week on the revolt fitness plan?

Following the Revolt diet plan became a little tougher in Week 2—but, we prevailed.  I love green salads—but, twice daily green salads and fresh veggies became a little monotonous this week.    I found myself scouring the fresh veggie options in the produce section to change things up a little.  During our travel days, we packed lots of items in a travel cooler—and sought out foods in restaurants and the hotel that we could fit into the Revolt menu plan—oatmeal and boiled eggs were available for breakfast at the hotel, we found an Asian Salmon Salad in a food court restaurant at one of the dance competitions that my husband and I shared since it was HUGE, and we packed along our post workout meals, fresh vegetables and fresh chicken wraps for our Saturday, “free day” lunch.   We tried to eat very conservatively for breakfast, lunch and snacks on our “free day” (the day when we choose our own food selections) since we knew that dinner would involve heavy Cajun food and wine at a restaurant near our hotel. 

We completed the entire week of workouts—even during our travels.  Our hotel had a fitness center and pool—and we made sure that we got in our Saturday workout as soon as we arrived at the hotel on Saturday evening.  This was a tough sell for me—I had been up since before 4 am—we had driven 3 ½ hours total and had shuttled the girls from dance stage to dance stage from 8-3.  I was tired.  I was hungry—and, if my husband had not been insistent, I would not have pushed myself to the workout room.  The power of a partner!  It was actually a really nice way to take the edge of the day.  Our daughters even joined in with stretches and most of the cardio (even after a full day of competitive dancing.)

What about the weight loss results?  I lost only 1 ½ pounds for the week—bringing me to a little over 5 pounds total lost.  My husband is down a little over 10 pounds.  However, I am feeling a noticeable difference in the fit of my clothing—especially in my thighs and calves--and my energy level and strength has dramatically improved in only the two weeks.  I ran out of time for actual measurements this morning and hope to get those tonight.  I will say that my husband’s belt has gone down a notch in the past week. 

How do we feel about the Revolt Fitness plan after week 2?  I am a fan.  Revolt is working for me—and it’s working for my husband.  It’s not a quick fix for us—it’s a lifestyle change.  And we are changing a virtually sedentary lifestyle and it’s not going to happen overnight.  I am really excited that we can modify and continue to use and benefit from Revolt as our fitness level increases.  I will admit that it’s not easy.  I was preparing and packing up meals for the week at 9:30 Sunday night—that wasn’t fun for me after the tiring, travel packed weekend.  It was cold outside this morning—and it took some drive and motivation to force ourselves outside for warm ups.  We are ready to move onto week 3!

To learn more and sign up for your own Revolt Fitness membership, visit the Revolt Fitness Website.

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