Wordless Wedneday October Link Up #3: Walk in the Park

Over the past year, I've shared a few photos from my husband's daily lunchtime walks in local parks.  He enjoys the peace and quiet--and an hour away from his computer--and the girls and I always enjoy his wildlife encounters.

He sees frequent wild turkeys..... 

Ducks and Geese....
Over the past few weeks, these little guys have popped up across the park's trails...
Yeah....this just took the relaxation out of the walk for me! I don't mind snakes--in pictures and hidden away in the woods where I can't see them. :)  

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  1. We saw turkeys in the yard when we left for school today. :) I'm not a snake gal either, but my daughter thinks they're cool. -_-

  2. Looks like a nice peaceful walk that was until I spotted the snake LOL ;-)

  3. that snake isn't doing the side winder stuff? LOL

  4. I would have jumped out of my skin if I came upon the snake, Yikes!

  5. It was all going so well until that snake! EEK!

  6. Wonderful ;pictures of nature in all its glory. I would also be afraid of the snakes though!:) Thanks a lot for hosting.

  7. Fabulous pics, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww snakes! Yucky, icky, nasty snakes GROSS ME OUT! And I live right near a river - can you believe that one! lol

  8. The first time I saw a snake would be the last time I took a walk there. Thanks for joining the party at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.



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