The Favor of Beeswax for Your Health

Beeswax is natural result of the work of the inhabitants of beehives. This wax is required for building and repairing honeycombs. Beeswax can be of different colors: white, yellow, red, brown, orange. The alteration of its color means the honeycomb’s age or is connected with its application to raise a cluster. The application of beeswax directly is of no earthly reason as it is inert. It can be eaten but it is pretty chewy. Beeswax is regarded as bulky food and therefore it is recommended to include it in dietary. From ancient times beeswax has been widely used in drug preparations by herbal practitioners. Nowadays it is applied in external application, beauty industry and some other products like candles.

There are few advantages of using beeswax for improving your health:  

- Allergies: Beeswax is one of common remedies for hypersensitivity as it has anallergic properties that guard the derma of the body from airborne allergies. Waxen candles can also give release from different kinds of hypersensitivity and their indicants. You should light the candles and they will evolve negative ions that can cleanse the air of dandruff, flecks of dust, pollen and some other offending agents. Thus, allergies like asthma and ragweed fever can be cured by beeswax. Application of beeswax can relieve the evidences of depression and sleeplessness.

 - Hemorrhoids: Beeswax serves as an excellent natural treatment for marisca and anal fissures. It is better to combine wax with olive and calendula oils. Mix beeswax with olive oil and honey in order to make an external application for marisca. Such application will help to ease itch and to diminish issue of blood provoked by hemorrhoids.

- Hair: You need beeswax if you want to stimulate the growth of your hair. Beeswax will be helpful, if you desire to increase volume and strength of your hair, to make it brilliant, soft and governable and to preserve it from the harm of environment. Consequently, beeswax is one of the popular ingredients of shampoos, balms, emulsifiers, conditioners and goods for hair repair. Due to its hypoallergenic properties beeswax can be practiced to the hair and the skin of the head.  

Beeswax in Skin Care
Beeswax as an ingredient of different skin care stuffs helps to ameliorate the state and the skin texture. It can serve as a remedy for various skin diseases (weeping dermatitis, acne and dry skin) and as a moistening agent that looks after cells of the skin and puts out the environmental harm. Beeswax is healthful for skin due to its anti-infective, resolvent and antioxidant properties. Here are some advantages of application of beeswax in skin care for treating:

- Acne: Beeswax is known as an excellent remedy for acne due to its curative, antiseptic and resolvent qualities. Vitamin A which is present in beeswax hastens the recovery. Beeswax is considered to be a perfect skin softener that aids to keep a delicate texture of skin after the clearance of blotches. If you want to get rid of acne everlastingly, you should keep a diet, do some physical exercises and practice non-acnegenic skin care.

- Dry skin: Beeswax is famous for the ability to entrap moisture and therefore it is included in various beauty products like lotions, creams for dry skin. As it was mentioned above, beeswax is rich in Vitamin A which stimulates the growth of skin cells. This natural moistening agent can be used as a remedy and a preventive for dry skin. The recipe of homemade cream for dry skin is simple: add almond oil and a bit of Vitamin E to beeswax. More complicated recipe of cream with wax you may find on this site .

- Eczema: Eczema is a wide-spread skin disease that can lead to an itching skin eruption and dry skin which can be treated by a combination of beeswax, honey and olive oil. Thus, this mixture can ease the signs of eczema and psoriasis, diminish inflammation and prevent further repeated bout.

- Lips: Owing to the moistening properties, beeswax serves as a perfect ingredient of a lip balm. External application of beeswax can aid you to liquidate cracked and chapped lips. A lip balm can be easily prepared at home by mingling beeswax with coconut and vitamin E oils, honey, and ethereal oils of some citrus or peppermint.  

- Stretch marks: Traction atrophy can be caused by pregnancy, gain or loss of weight. If you suffer from traction atrophy and want to dispose of it or if you want to prevent its emergence, you should mix beeswax, cocoa butter and different oils (apricot kernel, wheat seedling and vitamin E) to prepare a perfect remedy for stretch marks.  

Ghost Effects of Wax
Beeswax is considered to be non-toxic. Nevertheless it may have ghost effects on your health if applied in abundance. The most wide-spread ghost effects are:
- Enteric blockage when consumed in excessiveness.
- Allergic evocation in people who suffer from hypersensitivity to honey and affined products.

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