In the Kitchen: The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review The Green Earth Pan from Ozeri.  Since the pan uses a natural, ceramic, nonstick coating, I was happy to try it in our kitchen.  The pan promises to be free from PTFE, PFOA and other chemicals generally used in non-stick pans.  As I prefer to limit the amount of oils and fats in my cooking—and I generally prefer to skip cooking sprays and such—I was interested to see how the popular Green Earth Pan by Ozeri stands up to my family’s review.

I received a sample of this product for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.  I may also receive slight compensation from affiliate linking within my posts.

Users should read the user’s guide.  Okay—we all know how to use a frying pan, right?  Since I had never used a Greblon coated pan, I devoted a few minutes to reading The Green Earth Pan's user’s guide.  The Green Earth Pan’s user guide is loaded with a lot of information on a single page—and details about the pan’s lifetime warranty on the reverse.  I followed the instructions for oil usage, made sure to use the pan on lower heat settings, used appropriate utensils with the pan, and handwashed it as well after use.

 How did the pan perform?  My first cooking adventure with pan was, of course, a fried egg.  If a new, nonstick pan cooks a fried egg well (with almost zero oil), then it has hope.  The egg did not stick, cooked evenly, and removed easily from the pan. 

There was little reside left from the egg and it removed easily during hand-washing.  I used the pan lightly (maybe 3-5 times per week) for a couple of weeks.  I did not notice any great changes in the pan’s coating during that time—although, once per week, I did clean the pan with a little lemon juice.

What was my opinion of The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri?  It seems to be a nice alternative to frying pans with other, more chemically harmful, nonstick coatings.  It’s a heavier, sturdy pan that seems well made.  The coating is nonstick—but, I think it’s a little more difficult to maintain than pans to which many home-kitchen cooks are accustomed.  I feel like I need to really handle this pan gently for it to maintain its non-stick properties.  

I should have requested a smooth cooking surface for the pan.  I have also discovered over the years that I am not a fan of textured cooking surfaces on my frying pans.  I always feel like they “stick” a bit beneath the spatula as I attempt to turn foods or stir vegetables—and they do transfer some of the textured patterns onto softer foods like eggs or pancakes. I have only a couple textured surface pans—and they are never my go-to pans.   I understand that the texture offers heating benefits—but, I think it requires a little time to “learn” to use these pans as comfortably as smooth surfaced, nonstick pans.  Textured surfaces always just feel a little "sticky" to me--so I may have preferred a smooth surface frying pan by Ozeri--which is available as well.

Would I recommend The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri?  I think this pan would make a nice addition to a large set of pans used for occasionally—if the person using it took care in its use and maintenance.  I have only used it for a few weeks—and it seems that I spend a bit more effort in its care than with my other pans.  It’s not one of my favorites—but, as I said, I just don’t think I care much for textured surfaces when frying.  If you want a light duty pan—I wouldn’t recommend it for daily, heavy use—and have no textured bottom issues (maybe I am the only one who has such issues—I’m not sure!) then this pan does seem to be a quality, safer alternative to other traditional nonstick cooking pans.   

You can learn more about the Ozeri brand or  The Green Earth Pan by Ozeri on Amazon, read customer reviews or buy one to try it out for yourself.    

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