Children's Book Review: When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Teacher by Wigu Publishing

What do you want to be when you grow up?  My middle daughter wants to be an attorney while her younger sister currently wants to be a veterinarian.  However, these career goals change throughout the years--or sometimes even by the season.  Since our girls are at the very beginning of their career exploration stage--we were excited to review When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Teacher from Wigu Publishing.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in our review.  All opinions and comments are my own.

Quick Summary of When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Teacher.  Carlee always dreamed of being a teacher. She is faced with the reality of her own mom as a new teacher at her school. Carlee is worried what her friends will think about her mom being their teacher. Will her mother do something to embarrass her? Carlee’s initial reaction is to give up her own dream of becoming a teacher. Readers will journey with Carlee through her first day of school as she learns about her own independence and identity.  Carlee makes some surprising discoveries and is encouraged to reconsider her dream of becoming a teacher.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Teacher takes a fun, educational look at careers around us.  As the main character, Carlee, moves throughout her school day, the reader follows the many career possibilities that Carlee ponders--all inspired from activities in the classroom.  The book is less focused on the tasks of teaching--but, more on the the many aspects of the community (and the variety of careers) that teachers introduce and inspire.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Teacher serves up a lot of trivia and history along with its "main" lesson.  As Carlee wrestles her concerns about her mom returning to teaching--in her school--she finds herself learning a lot more from the lessons of her classroom teachers.  The little biographical insets throughout the book offer parents and readers a lot of opportunity to explore and learn beyond the book's pages.  It's a great book to introduce the importance of teaching---and to provide parents fun segways into a variety of significant historical events and figures during the reading.

Would we recommend When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a TeacherWe enjoyed reading the book together--and discussing it along with the many painters, scientists, and historical people highlighted along the way.  It's a great mix of fact and fiction for shared reading with elementary school students.

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About Wigu Publishing.
Wigu Publishing is a collaboration of talented and creative individuals working together to publish and provide informative and fun books for children. Our titles serve to introduce young readers to the people in their communities who serve others through their vocations. Wigu’s books are unique in that they help children visualize the abundant opportunities that exist for them to be successful and to make a difference.

Wigu Publishing will add When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Firefighter!, by January 2014 followed by in the U.S. Navy! in the early spring. Eight more books are planned for 2014, including a Good Person!, a Nurse!, a Racecar Driver!, and Green!, which teaches children about our environment and how to protect it. Wigu Publishing will be casting for the character in the “When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Good Person!”

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Wigu Publishing is casting for a new book...When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Good Person.  Would you like for your child's image to be included in Wigu's upcoming book?  They are holding a photo casting call on their facebook page and website--and will select a winning image on March 31, 2014.  Visit them on their website or Facebook for more information--or to enter your child's photo.

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