Marco’s Pizza Review: #MarcosFreshSpinach & Cheese and Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizzas

Pizza is a family favorite here in our little corner of the world and spinach is one of my most frequently used ingredients in recipes and meals. We often try to lighten up our pizza nights with mostly veggie ingredients or lighter meats like chicken. When I learned that Marco’s Pizza (one of our go-to, local pizza franchises) had added fresh spinach to the menu--as well as a new specialty, Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza--I was pretty excited to review the restaurant’s new offerings.  

We received gift certificates for the two pizzas reviewed here.  All opinions experiences, recommendations, etc. are our own and are not influenced by the brand.

Marco’s Pizza is already one of our favorite chain pizza shops. If you are not familiar with the franchise, Marco’s Pizza is the nation’s fastest growing pizza franchise. Everyone in my family has always had a favorite crust or a favorite sauce--and they are rarely from the same pizza place. We are Marco’s Pizza regulars because we all like both the sauce and crust flavors--and the cheese blend and toppings are always fresh and loaded on!

What did we think of the new #MarcosFreshSpinach pizza options? We sampled a simple Cheese and Spinach Pizza and a Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza. What was the family verdict?

Cheese and Spinach Pizza 

This simple pizza was initially a tough sell to the family. Just cheese and spinach? Yep. Just Cheese and Fresh Spinach. We were impressed--it was a big hit (especially as a cold breakfast the next morning). We love Marco’s cheese pizzas and the spinach was tender and mild. The husband especially liked this pizza.

Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza 

This pizza is loaded with grilled chicken, parmesan garlic sauce, a four cheese blend, fresh spinach, thinly sliced tomatoes with chopped red onions. We loved the cheese blend and the parmesan garlic sauce. It was a yummy combination of traditional Italian pizza ingredients with a hint of the Mediterranean.

Would I recommend #MarcosFreshSpinach & Cheese and Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizzas? Both were very good. I would certainly buy the Grilled Chicken Florentine Pizza again and again. We also enjoyed the simple cheese and spinach pizza--so it is also a one topping pizza option that we had not really considered before.  

If you have not tried Marco’s Pizza--I would definitely recommend a visit. While you are there, I would also suggest the spinach. It may surprise you--and it is a great way to add a little more veggie color to pizza night!

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with The Niche Parent Network & Conference and Marco’s Pizza. All opinions are my own. 

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