Easy Aioli Recipe Ideas and a Contest from Red Gold Tomatoes

Aioli seems to be on nearly every restaurant menu these days—topping everything from burgers and tacos to fish and chicken sandwiches and salads.  While the term aioli sounds fancy and complicated—creating a delicious aioli spread or dip is really quite simple for even beginning home cooks.  Red Gold Tomatoes, a Midwest company focused on growing local in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, has some yummy, new tomato based aioli recipes to share—along with a Facebook Contest through May 27th.  Why do we like these easy aioli recipe ideas from Red Gold Tomatoes?

We received a gift pack from Red Gold to use in the creation of this post.  We were not compensated and all experiences are our own.  

First of all—what is aioli?  Actual aioli is a French based spread made from a fresh garlic paste, egg yolk, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.  Essentially—it’s a mayonnaise like spread—infused with garlic and olive oil.  Traditional aioli is garlic based.  Many restaurant and home-made aioli recipes have trended more toward flavored mayonnaise concoctions—with or without the traditional garlic paste base.  Roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables frequently join the basic aioli in spreads and recipes.

Red Gold Tomatoes offers creative aioli inspired recipes—with tomatoes.  Red Gold recently introduced some new Aioli recipes-- Chipotle Aioli, Tomato Aioli, Lime & Cilantro Aioli, Sriracha Aioli, Pesto Aioli, etc.—to introduce families to the versatility of aioli in many of our favorite recipes.  They are also ready to help us add the bold flavor of tomatoes and spices to the spread. 

A simple aioli?  Actually---traditional aioli is easy enough to make.  I have made roasted red pepper aioli with spicy, grilled tilapia for years.  Over the years; however, my aioli migrated from a traditional, mortar and pestle ground garlic paste base to a simplified mayonnaise and spice creation—simply because I don’t always have the time or the fresh garlic.  A mayo based “aioli” is very similar to the traditional—and ready for add-in flavors in seconds.  What I love about these Red Gold aioli recipes is that I can still use my traditional aioli base if I want—and use the Red Gold tomato and spice add-ins or simply use store bought mayonnaise and both create delicious new sauces and spreads.

I loved the fish tacos.... 
I have been a Red Gold Tomato fan for a long time—the tomatoes are always fresh and the seasoned varieties are nicely spiced and ready for a variety of recipe creations. I had not tried the Lime & Cilantro variety before using it in the fish taco recipe.  It smelled great—and both the lime and cilantro were well balanced and blended wonderfully with the tomatoes.  Most of my readers already know that I can NEVER leave a recipe alone.  This time; however, I seasoned the fish tacos exactly as suggested in the recipe.  I did broil the fish instead of frying it—but, the recipe was taken word for word—and it edged out my usual fish taco recipe for my new go-to choice. It was really flavorful, easy, and a hit with all of my family fish-lovers.

Which aioli are you?  Red Gold is hosting a Facebook campaign from May 7-27th, where fans can win aprons or even a $250 prize pack that includes a Cuisinart Panini Grill and other great prizes. Just go to and select which aioli you think you are most like to enter.  (I chose the Lime & Cilantro—although the Green Chili and the Roasted Garlic made it a tough choice!)

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