Wordless Wednesday Link Up: 2nd Annual Crawfish Festival in Lexington Kentucky

The past weekend found us venturing off on back to back dance competitions in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Lexington, Kentucky.  As luck would have it, our hotel was located right next to the 2nd Annual Crawfish Festival in Lexington on Saturday night--so, we were in the perfect spot to enjoy the evening's festivities (and some great food) with the girls!  We thought we'd share some of the sights from the crawfish festival for this week's Wordless Wednesday link up! 

The Crawfish Festival is held on the grounds of The Red Mile Racetrack in Lexington

The Crawfish Festival is hosted by Bourbon n’ Toulouse & Bayou Bluegrass Catering--and the food vendors were pretty busy serving up their dishes.

The Crawfish...

These guys were busy moving crawfish all evening long....

Heating them by the basket full....

Dumping them into big serving bins....

and serving them up by the pound...

My husband was the designated crawfish "peeler" for our group....and that is probably not the proper term for the poor guy tasked with getting the meat out of the shells for everyone else to eat!

The Fried Alligator was a big hit too..

I think the spicy alligator bites were my favorite. 

We had to try the Boudin too...
While the middle daughter is not a fan of fish/seafood/or any other water critter--the boudin was at least acceptable for her....then she discovered the Cajun chilli dogs (which she ate before I get pictures) and all was right with the world. They were pretty spicy--but, she loved them!

Bands Played...
The girls had fun listening to the music--and watching people dance. 

The Historic Round Barn at The Red Mile Racetrack was Open
We were fortunate enough that the Historic Round Barn--which houses the Stable of Memories--was open for visitors this year.  It's a beautiful structure and is often booked for wedding receptions and special events.

The girls are pretty unfamiliar with harness racing--so it was kind of fun for them to take a break from the festival and look at some of the old carts in the mini-museum upstairs.

It's always fun to have an unexpected activity pop up after a long day--and we would probably plan to visit this festival again if our schedule puts us in Lexington at the right time next year!

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  1. That's definitely something they don't have around my neck of the woods. It looks like fun!

  2. It looks like you had a great time!

  3. As a SoCal native, the only crawfish I ever see are fresh/frozen at the supermarket. One day I'll make it there to try crawfish fresh for myself. They look so good. Not like the ones I see in the supermarket.

  4. My dd is dying to try crawfish

  5. I don't think I've ever had a crawfish! This looks like the place to start!

  6. First time I am hearing about a crawfish festival.. they really look yummy..did you get your fill of crawfish there?

  7. That looks like a lot of delicious fun!!

  8. Looks like SO much fun!! Happy WW!

  9. That seafood looks so good! I'm glad you had a good time.

  10. Looks like fun! I've never had crawfish and I'm not a big seafood fan lol. BUT I LOVE ALLIGATOR! I only get to eat it once a year when the Bite of Seattle comes around.

  11. What a fun festival! I never tried crawfish before...

  12. Looks like a lot of fun and now I'm hungry. I love crawfish but I love it even more when someone else peels!
    Happy WW!

  13. I have to laugh at the "broiled" crawfish sign.... it should be boiled!

  14. Hmmmm The deep fried alligator may look good, but I don't think I would touch it. ewwww And poor hubby I think he got the nastiest job for sure. Poor guy, but then again he may eat more than he shells hehehehe Great pics! Thanks for sharing and dropping by.

  15. That looks cool - how fun to have an unexpected event like that. The food looks really good too :)

    Nice pics - thanks for sharing!



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