Book Review: The Bimbo Syndicate by Maggie Abbott

While the title gave me a moment of hesitation, the summary from the latest book from Maggie Abbott caught my interest.  The book lingered on my reading list for a while--but, it's time to share my review.  What did I think of The Bimbo Syndicate by Maggie Abbott?

Quick Summary of The Bimbo Syndicate by Maggie Abbott.  Saxon, Ming and Heba, glamorous girlfriends of three ruthless power brokers in the international oil industry, become instant friends over a broken zipper in the ladies' room of a five-star Paris hotel during an OPEC conference. They don't realize they've been set up. Nor that they're being stalked by a sexy young assassin on the payroll of Ming's tough old billionaire Chinese banker. He's competing with Saxon's charming but wily Washington lobbyist and Heba's gorgeous but sinister Saudi Prince for the Grand Prize. Control of the world's oil supply. Rumors abound that their precious Light Sweet Crude is running out, and only an elusive genius scientist, Doctor Hilda Lobinski, knows the facts. When the three smart career women catch on to the cunning plot they dub themselves The Bimbo Syndicate and set up their own agenda. Things go wrong. Pulling all their strings from his lonely exile is a former White House insider with his eyes on the money and a gruesome plan to grab it all. It's election year 2000, the atmosphere is heating up with the excitement of shifting powers and the deployment of dirty tricks. But the big movers know there's more to it than just getting elected, it's where the oil is that has their attention. And whoever owns the oil owns the world.

The Bimbo Syndicate is an extremely well written, well developed novel.  The "bimbos" in this novel are not at all what readers will expect and the author develops their characters quickly and completely to create a very well written story.  The storyline crosses politics, economics, mystery and even a little romance--but, does so intelligently and with a flowing writing style. 

The Bimbo Syndicate is well paced from cover to cover.  The storyline moves very well.  The book begins smoothly and keeps readers attached to the story and its characters through to the end.

Would I recommend The Bimbo Syndicate by Maggie Abbott?  I was sort of expecting a far-fetched, Charlie's Angels sort of storyline with this book before I read it--but, Abbott took unique spins on the novel and her characters to create a wonderful book.  This was the first book that I have read from Abbott, but, I really like her writing style and her plot development.  I would certainly recommend this to mystery or political thriller fans--and I now need to add some of Maggie Abbott's other books to my reading list as well.

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About the author:

Maggie Abbott started writing novels when she moved to Palm Springs after a long, successful show business career in Los Angeles, London, Rome, and New York. A casual job as a secretary at the William Morris Agency in Rome introduced her to the exciting scene of Cleopatra, Fellini's 8½ and The Pink Panther, with the city's influx of big stars calling by the office every day, and triggered her lifelong love affair with movies. Over the years, Maggie has enjoyed being in the most interesting places at the best of their times, while working as the movie agent for some exciting stars: Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Charlotte Rampling, Jacqueline Bisset, Martin Sheen, Raquel Welch, Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford, Mia Farrow, Peter Sellers, Richard Chamberlain, Peter O'Toole, Britt Ekland, Ken Russell, John Boorman, and many more. Somewhere in between, Maggie was the production assistant on three Broadway plays, and a producer and studio executive at Columbia Pictures where she developed and got production credits on two movies.

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