Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Lazy Days

The weather's turned cold and rainy as Ohio's fall makes its appearance.  Fluffy D'Tail, the "outside" kitty is making his winter move-in without as much fuss as usual.  The kids have shared their first back to school viral/cold/yuck bug with the entire house--and (luckily) we had a full weekend free from extracurricular activities.  Thought I would share some photos of lazy days from our little corner of the world for this week's Wordless Wednesday link-up.

Fluffy D'Tail & Mister Maxi

These two are constant sleeping partners when Fluff is indoors.  Usually, I find Fluff stretched out over the dog--or the dog's paws over poor Fluffy.  Of course, Fluff doesn't seem to mind or notice and Max just loves having "someone" to sleep with him!

Lea & Elsa 

This is a rare shot of Elsa sleeping without a kid!  Elsa and Lea the cat (a.k.a the Loofa with Legs) generally spend the day trying to avoid each other--so I can only assume that the draw to the corner of the sofa (prime kitty cat real-estate in this house) was simply stronger than their dislike of each other!

The Girls....Ready to NOT be Lazy..

After several days of coughs and fevers--followed by make up work from school--the girls were excited to NOT feel like sleeping.  They only made it through lunch and  a few hours at the mall though before they were worn out....and ready to head home for a movie and bed.

Hopefully, after our lazy days--we'll be ready to tackle this week in our true, chaotic, "time to run in 15 different directions" fashion!  A Benjamin Franklin biography project, a school orchestra concert, a birthday party, a Halloween party, and a dance competition should return our focus to the "real world"....whether I'm ready or not!

How was your week?  It's your turn to link up your latest Wordless Wednesday posts!

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  1. They look very relaxed! Teresa from NanaHood

  2. I have a matching cat - and 2-3 of our 4 sleep together too. Hope the kids get over the yucky stuff.

  3. Cats are so funny, I have two that have never gotten along well, I have yet to see them sleeping closer than three feet. Hope the kids feel better soon, Im battling the flu for 9 days.

  4. Some days I'd love to swap places with my snoozing animals.

  5. awww those are cute pictures..thanks for the linky

  6. That bed reminds me of home! Cats and dogs all over the house =) #ww

  7. I could definitely go for one of those lazy days!

  8. Aw, such bliss... :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  9. it's freezing as well here and we all caught cough and cold! It's nice to curl up in beds but after a while, you just had enough of it...
    Happy WW..



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