Wordless Wednesday Link-Up: Stowaway

We just finished two weekends of family travel--so there have been lots of suitcases and bags out and about. I've mentioned that Miss Elsa Kitty LOVES boxes, bags, baskets, bowls, cabinets, closets--or virtually anything that involves climbing in and out of for a little exploration. I pulled out a suitcase one morning for later packing in preparation for our Pittsburgh trip--and thought I would share my little stowaway as this week's Wordless Wednesday Link-Up.

Now you See Elsa....
She hung out with me all morning--guarding the dog's toy.  She doesn't like me very much since I'm the primary disciplinary force in the house....and she's the primary problem child--but, she does spend a lot of time keeping an eye or two on my activities.  Curiosity always gets the best of her.

Where did Elsa Go?
I thought that the suitcase was zipped--so I just assumed Miss Else had moved on to explore a different spot of the house . Until I tried to move the empty suitcase and it felt as if it were anchored to the floor.....and five claws grabbed my hand through a 4 inch opening in the side zipper.

Yeah.  Somehow in my rush to begin packing--I didn't see it coming.  I did feel it though.

Hmmm. Elsa's Latest Stowaway Attempt

I think she spent about 3 hours in the suitcase before climbing out. At least when she was contained in the suitcase, she was giving the dog's toys, the cupboards, (me), and the downstairs wallpaper a much needed Elsa-break!

Yep.  This is the primary reason I always pack a lint roller...and avoid black pants!  My "leaving the house for a weekend trip checklist" now includes a line for "Make sure Elsa is not in any of the bags."

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  1. Kitty is ready for travel! Thanks for hosting! Teresa from NanaHood

  2. Aww! cute heheh! the perfect guard ;-)

  3. Too cute! Our newly adopted cat has taken to playing hide and seek this week, we have had an interesting time, not knowing if he is inside or out.

  4. So funny! Cats love small spaces. I'm glad she wasn't in there too long.

  5. Aw, she's so funny... It's a good thing you found her on time!



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