How to Save Money on Your Monthly Utility Bill
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Tips for saving energy can be found just about anywhere. It seems like everyone wants to provide advice on how to save on your electric bill this winter from setting your thermostat down lower to re-insulating your home. However the one place that can provide you with the best information on saving money on your utilities is the one place that most people overlook: your utility company. Utility companies have the best information regarding seasonal power swings, what causes utility usage spikes and what you can do to reduce them. Here is more information regarding how you can get energy saving tips from your local utility company.

Utility Company Website
No matter where you live or what utility company you use, odds are you are familiar with your local utility company’s website. It’s probably where you are making your monthly payments. However, your utility company’s website offers much more than just a place to pay your bill. Most provide plenty of helpful information regarding things you can do to save money on your utility bill all year long.

Social Media

In today’s world of online social interaction, most utility companies now have a social media presence. Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used platforms. However, Pintrest, Instagram and other platforms are also used. By following your local utility company on social media, not only will you get important information regarding what is happening in and around your area. You can also get great tips and tricks on how to save on your utility bill. They often post links to credible sources that can provide you with ideas outside of the usual fodder that can really help.

Saving money on your utility takes some common sense along with some solid advice offered by those who are in the know. Your local utility company is in the best position to be able to offer you very specific advice for saving money each and every month based on your personal energy usage summary as well as local conditions. Following companies like Columbia Utilities on Twitter, Palmco on Facebook, or other local utility on social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get connected and discover the information you need to get the most out of your energy dollars. Look up your local utility company on social media and bookmark their web pages today.

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