7 Unusual Ways to Save Your Marriage

This is a sponsored guest post.

Have you gone from I do to I wish I hadn't? People will tell you that things like honesty and communication are the keys to keeping your marriage intact, but those aren't always the most practical advice. Here are seven unique but effective ways to keep your matrimony off the rocks.

Buy Separate Beds. If you're already at the end of your rope with your spouse, sharing a bed won't make it any easier. Get yourself a separate mattress so their tossing, turning and in-your-ear snoring won't make a bad situation even worse.

Go Skydiving Together. All of your troubles will seem far away when you're hurdling out of a plane. As the ground rushes up to meet you, you'll want your spouse's hand more than anything else in the world.

Find A Hobby.  Take classes and workshops until you find something that you both enjoy. This means no fantasy football for him and no yoga classes for her. It has to be an activity that both of you get excited about together.

Fight. Aired grievances can clear the air and stop you from feeling so resentful and bitter. Just make sure you're arguing in a healthy, constructive way instead of simply trying to make your spouse feel badly.

Get a Pet. If you're struggling with responsibility or accountability issues, this might not be the best course of action. If you're just drifting apart, however, a kitten or puppy can give you a shared interest again.

Change Your Diet. Many marriages start to fall apart when the sameness gets to be too much. An easy way to remedy this is to cook different meals and discover new and exciting tastes together.

Talk to a Divorce Lawyer. It may seem counterproductive, but putting the d-word out in the open can often make couples realize how much they don't want to do it. Read reviews of Cordell & Cordell and other similar firms to find a divorce lawyer who will lay out the law for you.

If you're serious about saving your marriage, these are just seven ways that you can beat back divorce a little longer. Remember, no couple is perfect. It takes patience, understanding and hard work to make any relationship last, and that goes for newlywed couples just as much as elderly ones.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored guest post.  

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