Book Review: Outsystem by M.D. Cooper

outsystemI enjoy science fiction--especially sci-fi with plots pushing a hero or heroine to save humanity from peril.  While the military, science fiction element of M.D. Cooper's Outsystem is the focus of his Aeon 14 series, the first book's hint at intrigue and conspiracy caught my interest.  What was my review of Outsystem by M.D. Cooper?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Outsystem by M.D. Cooper.  Major Richards needs to get out of the Sol System. Demoted by the military and hung out to dry, the media labels her the Butcher of Toro. Despite her soiled record, Tanis is still one of the best military counter-insurgency officers in the Terran Space Force. And they need her to find the terrorists responsible for trying to destroy the GSS Intrepid, a massive interstellar colony ship in the final phases of construction at the Mars Outer Shipyards. It’ll be her ticket out of the Sol system, but Tanis discovers she is up against more than mercenaries and assassins. Major corporations and governments have a vested interest in ensuring the Intrepid never leaves Sol, ultimately pitting Tanis against factions inside her own military. With few friends left, Tanis will need to fight for her life to get outsystem.

Outsystem is packed with action--and a large cast of characters.   Every chapter of this book introduces a new peril or an action packed adventure for Tanis and her crew.  The cast of characters is large for this book and the exact role and importance of each isn't really clearly defined.  There isn't a lot of backstory or character introductions.  Readers learn about the characters only in bits and experience the scenes along with the characters as the story evolves.

Readers should read the appendices first.  One of the supplements at the book's end is a glossary of acronyms and terms used throughout the book.  Since I found myself bogged down immediately in terminology on the first few pages; I would certainly scan through the list of terms a couple of times.  Read through the character descriptions as well as those do help readers keep the story a bit more coordinated. 

Would I recommend Outsystem?  I had to take some time to settle into the author's writing style.  I read the first chapter, then discovered the glossary of terms and character list--so I read through those and then re-read the first chapter.  Once I settled into the patterns of conversations (as many are not verbal as we know it) and the author's writing style, the book moved very well.  There are a lot of missing pieces left to put together at the end--there is little resolution and a lot of questions for readers to seek out in the next book of the series.  If you enjoy futuristic, science fiction with a heavy military element--and a uniquely written story--check out this series.  Plan to read the second book as well if you begin the series, as Outsystem does not stand alone.  I have already added the next book to my reading list!

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About the Author:
Michael Cooper has been writing since the day he closed Return of the King and wanted more. He's written a lot of fantasy that he never tried to get published, but one day decided to try his hand at science fiction, of which he has published one book (Outsystem) and is working on the sequel, A Path in the Darkness. Michael is a software engineer at a company which builds sites and services around the open-source CMS named Drupal and enjoys the creativity involved in building web applications. When not writing stories or code Michael is spending time with his wife and daughter, or doing carpentry--a hobby which he has been growing over the years. His other interests include astronomy, cars and racing, blacksmithing, movies, and just about any creative work one can do.

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