Children's Book Review: Eclair Meets a Gypsy by M. Weidenbenner

Cover Front - Gypsies 04 Having read and reviewed a few of M. Weidenbenner's adult fiction books; I was excited to review a book from her children's series with my youngest daughter.  What did my daughter and I think of M. Weidenbenner's book, Eclair Meets a Gypsy?

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Quick summary of Eclair Meets a Gypsy.  Eccentric Grandma Stella is taking in boarders. Not the kind that talk, but the kind that neigh. Horses. When seven-year-old Éclair meets the first boarder and its owner, a girl Éclair’s age who’s dressed like a gypsy, the girl says her horse can read minds and will cast a spell on Éclair. Does the horse really have magic? If so, maybe the horse could make Éclair’s secret wish come true.  The Eclair series is an Early Reader series for girls in first – third grade. (6-8 years old)

A Mama's review of Eclair Meets a Gypsy.  This was a lovely book with short, easy to read chapters but, a rather large message. As Eclair faces confusion and uncertainty in her family--and adapts to life in her new temporary home with Grandma Stella--she finds friends and learns that she is not alone in her feelings and experiences.   Weidenbenner offers a lot for parents and child readers to discuss in a short space.  While the kids enjoy reading about a magical horse--parents are able to read a little deeper and open the door to larger discussions about fears, friendship, loneliness, and the magic of hope. 

Madelyn's Review of Eclair Meets a Gypsy.  This book has really short chapters, but the author described everything so well that it was easy to imagine myself there with Eclair and the other characters.  Grandma Stella is funny and does things that Eclair doesn't always understand. The book was a little easy for me to read, but I still really liked the story.  I think younger girls, especially in first and second grade, would really like the book. 

Would we recommend Eclair Meets a Gypsy?  This is a really cute book series for younger elementary age girls.   M. Weidenbenner does a wonderful job setting the scenes for readers in each chapter.  We loved the extra details offered about the Gypsy Vanner breed of horses--and the discussion questions provided at the end.  The book brought smiles--and a little peace.  Bad things happen in life--but, life doesn't have to be all bad.  This is a really important message for children (and parents too) struggling through difficult times.  There is a little hope and magic in every day--if we look for it.  While, my daughters are a little old for the reading level of the series, they are not too old to enjoy the subject matter.  I would definitely recommend this series. 

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What are others saying about the book?
AWARD-WINNING and BEST-SELLING AUTHOR Kay Kline, retired first-grade teacher, “A fun chapter book with just enough magic and reality. Adults will enjoy it too!”  

Vie Herlocker, author and editor, “Funny...entertaining... Éclair resembles a modern-day Junie B. Jones.” 

“Kid-friendly… page-turning fun… adventure with real-life challenges,” said Crystal Bowman, best-selling children’s book author and speaker. 

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  1. Hi Angela and Madelyn! Thanks for taking the time to read Eclair's story and share it with your friends here. I appreciate you! How old is Madelyn? Just curious because she said she was a little older than my target market. I like to know the ages that the story might appeal to.
    Do you have any fun and creative ideas for Eclair? Are there any fun things you think she should do in the next series?

    1. Madelyn is 8--but, her reading level is nearing middle of 7th grade. She loved the content as it was perfectly age appropriate *unlike a lot of her reading level*--and I think it is perfectly on target for reading levels in grades 1-3. I will make a note to clarify that a bit in the post! Animals (of any sort) are always special interests for Madelyn....especially farm and rescue animals.



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