January Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Ornaments & Memories

We generally wait until January 5th to pack away our Christmas decorations for the year.  As we boxed up ornaments and lights; I felt a little sad this year to put everything away.  I think I am getting more emotional with  When our oldest was a baby, I began slowly adding keepsake style holiday ornaments to the tree.  Each year, each of the girls receives a special ornament to either mark a milestone from the year--or one that simply made me think of them.  I thought I would share a few of my holiday ornaments & memories as this week's Wordless Wednesday link-up.

Hand-Made Ornaments Make Me Cry...and I LOVE Them

I love hearing the "I was so LITTLE" comments every year.  

The fingerprint snowmen may not be perfect--but, I will never have another set of Madelyn's 3rd grade fingerprints.

I even get emotional when the girls receive handmade ornaments from friends!

Milestones and Memories Make Me Smile Every Christmas

From tennis and soccer ornaments, violins and cellos, Dora the Explorer and Minnie Mouse attachments, to big events....most of our ornaments tell a story.  The one above plays "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth".  Macy hates it--but, I love remembering the Christmas when she was actually missing all four front baby teeth!

Daddy is Finally Gaining Ornaments

 ....and this year, he admitted that the ornaments were really pretty cool.  (I think he's becoming more sentimental with age too!)

And the girls' 2014 Christmas Ornaments?

While these didn't have a special meaning this year--they are "fillable"--so every year, I can add something special to the ornaments for the girls.  This year--it would have been Sour Patch Kids candy and chocolate!

Our Christmas season is officially packed away--but, opening the ornament storage boxes next December is always my first gift of the season.

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  1. My goodness! Every ornament carries memories no wonder why you are sentimental! You have the most meaningful lovely tree. Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Love the ornaments and the tree! Hope 2015 is a great year for you! Would love for you to come to @BAMConf15 in Nashville in March so we could meet in person! Teresa from

  3. I've collected a number of ornaments over the years but this year my girls took over the tree and decided to give it a disco ball makeover. I may need my own tree next year.

  4. It sure seems as if you all had a lovely Christmas.
    We wish you the best in this new year!

  5. Lovely photos :-)

    Have a fantastic 2015 :-)

  6. so nice to see that each ornament got some value.I love the handmade ornaments,specially the first picture with girls' photos....
    Happy New Year !!

  7. Love how all of your ornaments have great value. Very nice.

  8. Hello, and I have been so bad this year that I have not even taken our tree down yet. My son has said to just leave it up all year it is not bothering anyone mommy and it is so pretty. Which I agree but I do not it has to come down when I do not know but it does.

  9. I'm not sure you could not be emotional about it! My kids brought home one of those snowmen made with the hand ornaments this year, too. I think they snuck it onto the tree b/c I didn't see it until I was putting stuff away!

  10. I love all of the homemade ornaments on your tree.

  11. I adore that fingerprint snowmen ornament...too precious. I think homemade ornaments are the best, especially when it comes from a child.

  12. Aw, such an adorable collection... Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  13. How cool that each ornament has a memory attached to it! I kind of want to start this tradition too!



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