Pura d'or Argan Oil Organic Shampoo and Conditioner & Pure Argan Oil Reviews

We try to limit our chemical exposures in our personal care products as much as possible. Finding an organic shampoo, free of the "usual" chemical suspects, and which I actually like has proven a challenge. I recently had the opportunity to sample and review the Pura d'or Argan Oil Organic Shampoo and Conditioner. Having recently researched the beauty benefits of argan oil--I was ready to try these products! I was even happier when the company also provided a sample of their Moroccan Argan Oil as well! What did I think of the Pura d'or Argan Oil Organic Shampoo and Conditioner--and the pure Argan Oil?

I received full sized products samples for use in my review. All opinions and experiences are my own.  

A little information about the Pura d'or Argan Oil Premium Shampoo and Conditioner. Pura d'or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Argan Oil Based Shampoo is free of harsh chemicals and preservative, and claims to add body, increase volume, and thicken hair. The Argan Oil Organic Conditioner is made from 99% vegetable ingredients and promises to be gentle, natural and nourishing. I was hoping to create a healthier scalp and nourished hair for less hair loss and breakage.

My experiences with Pura d'or Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. I sampled the Lavender Vanilla scent of the conditioner--and the shampoo was scented similarly. The pumps make application of the shampoo and conditioner easier--no slippery bottles falling out of my hands in the shower! The shampoo is a clear gel--while the conditioner is a thicker, creamy white gel. The scent of the conditioner seemed a bit stronger than the shampoo. I do not love the scent--although it is certainly more natural than the usual commercial shampoos available. The shampoo, as with most natural shampoos, does not generate that sudsy lather we often associate with commercial shampoo. I washed/rinsed my hair twice before I felt confident that I had it "clean". Both the shampoo and the conditioner rinsed out well and left my hair feeling light and my scalp feeling clean and clear. It washed away my previous hair product buildup and left my hair feeling soft and light as it dried.  My husband is not a fan of the products' scents--but, he also agrees that his scalp feels healthier and his hair feels softer and thicker.

What about the Argan oil? I used the Pura d'or Argan oil for my nails rather than my hair during this review. I found the oil pretty light and greasy--but, it did absorb fairly quickly into my cuticle areas. The scent is light--but, lingers a bit on application. Do be careful during application as the oil is runny and leaves oil spots on clothing. After only a few applications, I saw a visible improvement in my nail & cuticle moisture. I will be interested to see if my nails grow healthier and stronger over time during use.  

Would I recommend Pura d'or Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and their pure Argan Oil? These are products that I plan to continue to use. I am not sure yet what they will provide in terms of health and beauty benefits--but, I like the way the products make my hair feel(and my nails in the case of the Argan Oil)--and I like the organic ingredient lists. 

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  1. Love pura d'or argan oil. It's so potent, you only need a drop or two for your face and it gets absorbed instantly no greasy feel! I wear it to the gym when swimming so that my skin has a moisture barrier to the chlorine!



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