Book Reviews of The Moorigad Dragon and Reap Not the Dragon by Debra Kristi

moorigad the dragonThe Age of the Hybrid book series by Debra Kristi is certainly a break from the usual book themes covering my reading list.  While I know nothing about dragons--specifically Moorigad dragons--and have not read any other books from authors setting them in the world of Mystic's Carnival-- I do enjoy fantasy stories.  What did I think of Books One and Two from The Age of the Hybrid series by Debra Kristi? 

I received complimentary copies of these books for use in my review during the book tour.  All opinions are my own.

A Quick Summary of The Moorigad Dragon by Debra Kristi.  Set in a magical universe… Hidden throughout the worlds are magical portals leading to the secret dimension where Mystic’s Carnival is nestled. A self-aware fair that is both carnival and circus combined, and filled with a plethora of supernatural and paranormal beings. Performers and runaways, Kyra and Sebastian, are away visiting the human realm when they find themselves at odds. Stay hidden, or interfere with a human’s destiny?  

Saving a life doesn’t go unpunished. Kyra thinks saving Marcus’s life is easy – slick as dragon snot – and a one-time deal. The resulting bond tying her to him and enslaving her as protector is unexpected. She didn’t expect one good deed to turn into an endless chain of good deeds. Or to complicate the relationship with her best friend, Sebastian. And she especially didn’t expect it to place her life on the line. Kyra’s dragon must keep Marcus alive and salvage her relationship with Sebastian without losing herself or dying.

Kristi launches a fast paced series with The Moorigad Dragon.  Debra Kristi starts the action within a few pages of this book, draws the reader into the mystical world and holds them through to the end.  The entire time I read, I felt drawn into a swirling world--with a host of unusual characters, ever changing scenes and settings, fast paced adventures and a rapidly moving storyline.

Kristi's unique writing style builds quite an experience for her readers.  As the reader, I felt like I was inside the carnival setting--trying to take in as much as possible while constantly wondering if anything was as it seemed.  Swirling mist, shape shifting, characters and settings appearing and changing with little warning....  It took me a while to adapt to Kristi's style--I had to reread a few passages during the first 20 or so pages--as so many things happen at once in the scenes of the book.  Once I settled into the Mystic's Carnival atmosphere--I loved the book's development.  I wasn't following the action--I was surrounded by it.

Would I recommend The Moorigad Dragon by Debra Kristi?  This is the first book I've read by Debra Kristi--but, I was so caught up in her characters and their stories that I had to move right into book two of the series.  The Moorigad Dragon ties up many of its loose ends--but, leaves enough of a cliffhanger to push readers on to Reap Not the Dragon.  Even if dragons and shape shifters are not your usual book theme--the atmosphere created by Kristi is perfect for fantasy fans.
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Reap Not The Dragon I read Reap Not the Dragon immediately after The Moorigad Dragon.   Within the same day, in fact.  These books move quickly--and are fairly short, easy to read stories.  What did I think of Read Not the Dragon by Debra Kristi?

Quick Summary of Reap Not the Dragon.  A Reaper with a mission. Sebastian is finished following commands. Higher powers be damned. He has his own agenda – find Kyra and help restore her memory. At first his plan goes better than expected. But as life starts looking up for the would-be Reaper, his metaphorical sickle becomes caught in a web of complications. Things are never smooth for Sebastian and Kyra.  

Best-laid plans sometimes rest in peace. A detour, unexpected and unwelcome, delivers Sebastian into the depths of a grave situation. Misfortune and misunderstanding are the cards dealt to him. And events fail to flip in his favor. Creatures from hell all want a piece of the young Reaper. If Sebastian ends up dead, that’s okay. For he has a more grievous beast to worry about. To save the woman he loves, Sebastian will venture into the heart of an all-powerful fire demon.  

Sebastian must find a missing dragon and the key to Kyra’s memory without being devoured by sinister beasts or, even worse, consumed by his own inner demons.

I enjoyed Reap Not the Dragon even more than the series' Book One.  Perhaps because I knew the characters and was comfortable with Kristi's settings and writing style, I enjoyed this book even more than the first.  While the book's storyline would stand alone--I would recommend reading it after The Moorigad Dragon.

Would I recommend The Age of the Hybrid Book Two:  Reap Not the Dragon?  These books do not follow a clear-cut, "straight path" from the beginning to the end.  Readers are more surrounded by the scenes than following them.  I would recommend reading the series in order--and keeping an open mind as you venture through Kristi's magical worlds.  I really enjoyed both books and look forward to more from the author.
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About the Author:

Debra KristiDebra Kristi found it rather dull always staying tethered to reality. She decided to let whimsy get the best of her, and with the help of her muse she began bringing magical stories to life in 2010. It’s been nothing but write, write, write and type, type, type ever since. Born and raised a Southern California girl, she still resides in the sunny state with her husband, two kids, and three schizophrenic cats. A lover of fanciful stories at a young age, she hadn't realized the writer bug infected her until much later in life. As a result, her stories pull from a rich history of experiences.

When not busy drumming away at the keyboard or chatting it up on social media, Debra is hanging out creating priceless memories with her family, geeking out to science fiction or fantasy television, and tossing around movie quotes.  
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  1. Ahh...I'm so glad you enjoyed the story as it was meant to be enjoyed. Yay! Thank you for your fantastic review! I had such fun reading it. I hope I can continue to delight you with each new story.



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