Modern Trends and Styles That Work for the Whole Family

Guest Post by Jane Blanchard

There are a lot of great things happening in home decor lately that are actually practical to implement in homes with families. Here are five great ideas that work for the whole family.

Mid-Century Modern
Mid-century modern has become a huge trend in home decorating lately and it's no surprise. The style emphasizes open floor plans, ample windows, and focuses on function and simplicity, which is perfect for today's family. Many companies are making stylish and affordable reproduction furniture in this style. Think IKEA and West Elm. A great place to introduce this style is in your family's main living space. A mid-century modern floor lamp combined with the gray color palette and furniture with clean lines can create a spacious and comfortable room.


Baskets, trays, bowls, and containers of every shape and size are a must for a family. No matter what style or decorating taste, controlling clutter is key to achieving a great look. Use baskets to contain kid's toys, books, and school items, unruly piles of mail and paper, keys, change, and almost every imaginable thing in your home. Having separate baskets for each family member makes finding thing much easier.

Baskets and hooks are a great way to contain entry room clutter.

Gallery Walls

Gallery Walls are popping up everywhere. A gallery wall is a perfect way to fill up a large space and display collections of things that matter to you, whether that is art, family photos, mirrors, or other collectables. Try a more relaxed approach using kid's artwork hung with clips or cables, or create a rotating display of family photos using picture ledges. Gallery walls work great in kid's rooms to display important collection and infuse the space with your child's unique personality.


A major decor trend right now is the DIY movement. Whether it's making something from scratch, or repurposing an older item, no home is complete without some items you've poured sweat equity into. Repurposing older furniture is a great, inexpensive way to pull together a more cohesive look in your home. These pieces give your home history and character, not to mention that great feeling you get from making something yourself. Try to use items that are meaningful to your family, whether from previous family owners or from activities your family enjoys. Working on a project is also a great way to get in some quality family time.


Gone are the plain, white ceilings. Ceilings these days are popping up with bright colors, metal tiles, intricate molding or woodwork, and gorgeous lighting. Adding architectural details to a ceiling not only makes it interesting, it can also raise the value of your house. Add updated lighting fixtures for an instant style re-do that is inexpensive. Painting a color on the ceiling is another fun and inexpensive way to add a new feel to your whole room.


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