Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Mama's Favorite

I know.  I know.   Mamas aren't supposed to pick favorites....but.....While I don't have a favorite child (although each of the girls is sure that I love her best)....I do have a favorite furry, four-legged one.  I love all of the critters in our little corner of the world...but, Gina the Cat is my cat.  She has been my cat since day one and she  Don't tell Max the dog...I love him.  I do.  He's the baby...but, Gina chose me....and Gina hates everything.  Really.  She does.  Except Me.   Gina Loves Mama.  I think I'm Gina's favorite....unless I breathe incorrectly...or snore...or pet her without permission...or smile...or laugh...At any rate--since Gina's birthday is coming up in July and I had the rare opportunity to take her picture yesterday--I thought I would share my "favorite" for this week's Wordless Wednesday Bloghop.

Miss Gi

Gina will turn 12 on July 4th.  She should live forever.  She doesn't eat anything unhealthy..she has been the perfect weight her entire life.  She's been to the vet once in 12 years beyond her annual checkups because, three summers ago, the house was invaded by fleas on a visiting family dog and she struggled with the flea battle more than the other cats.  She is rarely stressed.  If it bothers her...she bites it...scratches it...pees on it...tries to kill it..or just opts to eat it.  She's psychotic--but, if she loves you....she LOVES you. She loves me.  She has slept on my shoulder since she was a kitten.  If any other animal is on "her" side of the bed...husband included....there is a bit of bedtime drama. 

She's crazy.  She's mean.  She has issues. Lots of issues with lots of things..Really....Lots of Things.

I love her and I, apparently, do less to anger her in a given day than anyone else in the house--so I am hers.  Her favorite.  The one being in the house who makes her purr. 

They say there is someone for everyone.....and I try to not worry that I am psycho-cat's soulmate/human...I try.  But--I worry nonetheless.  I worry.  A Lot Some Days. 

Ahh..Well...Gremlin Cat is still Mama's (GASP) Favorite too...


Just, please...really...don't tell the dog!
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  1. Aww! what a pretty kitty and a cute yawn heheh!

    Have a tanfastical week :-)

  2. Adorable shots - thanks for sharing... :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  3. Reminds me of my mother's cat. HE would only follow her and eat with her on the table!

    Gina is so adorable =)

  4. Great story and great pics. I hope she does live forever.

  5. Your kitty is adorable! Thanks for linking up.

  6. Such a pretty kitty!! I love that pic of her yawning- so fierce!

  7. She's a pretty lady! And happy birthday to her too! (I won't tell the dog.) ;)

  8. What a pretty kitty! That big yawn describes how I feel this morning without words! ;-) Thanks for hosting! If you get a chance we'd love for you to link-up with us at Party Under the Big Top the #BigTopBlogParty as well! Wishing you a FABULOUS week!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx



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