Occasions That You Should Still Send Letters For

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Sending handwritten letters may seem like a relic of the past, something that only existed before the digital age of cell phones, email, and texting, but there are many occasions when Internet correspondence just won’t do. Choosing to send a handwritten note is a thoughtful and considerate gesture that is sure to be appreciated by every recipient.

Show Your Sympathy.  If someone you know has experienced the loss of a loved one, an email card just isn’t going to cut it. Choosing to send a handwritten note inside a beautiful card can show true compassion for their loss. 

Express Your Love.  True feelings of love and adoration cannot fully be expressed in emoticons alone. Writing your sweet sentiments on paper with a carefully selected note is a surefire way to sincerely express your feelings of love—and it can impress your recipient too.

Special Holidays Require Special Cards. Festive holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa are great occasions to send a handwritten note that fully expresses your love and affection to family and friends. Purchasing a set of boxed note cards and writing out personal messages to loved ones can be a gift in itself for those you hold dear.

Honor Your Father and Your Mother.  They welcomed you into the world, took care of you, and showed you unconditional love and affection. Writing your parents a short note to honor and thank them for all their hard work and sacrifice is guaranteed to make them feel valued and appreciated.

Words of Advice for a New Adventure.  Family and friends who are transitioning into new territory, whether it’s marriage, a baby, or a new home, can all use your words of love and encouragement as they begin a life-changing journey. Sending them a sweet note with words of encouragement can be a memento that they reflect upon for years to come.

Cards often serve as a physical reminder of your care and affection. Vendors like Chronicle Books, offer a variety of cute letters, postcards and the like. Writing thoughtful notes to family and friends can let your loved ones know that they are remembered, cherished, and on your mind.

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