3 Tips to Help Kids Share a Bedroom Successfully

While it can be difficult for two children to have to share a bedroom, many parents face the challenge of simply not having enough available space to allow each child to have their own room. However, with some simple tips, you can provide a sense of privacy and ownership for your children, even if they sleep in the same room. These tips can improve the bedroom for both young and older children alike. 

Create a Sense of Ownership. It is important to find unique ways to create a sense of ownership for your kids, especially when they enter into the teenage years. An easy way to achieve this goal is to purchase a room divider. You can allow each child to decorate their side of the divider in whatever way they wish, which will give them a sense of privacy and ownership. Another great option is to run a curtain in the middle of the room, and you kids can install their favorite lights on it to brighten up the room. While many parents purchase bunk beds in order to accommodate the smaller square footage, it might be a better option to purchase two twin beds instead and to place them at opposite ends of the room. 

Create a Sense of Cohesion. While you’re trying to split up the space in order to allow your kids to have a sense of ownership, it is also important to create a space that looks attractive and inviting. Not selecting items that create a cohesive look can easily make the room feel chaotic. Let your kids each pick out their favorite paint colors, but ensure the colors complement each other. Purchase matching twin comforter sets as well, which will make the room feel more uniform, even though the rest of the decorations may vary. The goal is to have the right balance of consistency and variation throughout the room. 

Organize. Purchase plenty of storage baskets and bins so your kids can keep their room as organized as possible. A great option is to purchase a bedside storage bench for each child.

When it comes to sharing a room, there might not be too many ways parents can prevent their children from fighting, but they can find plenty of ways to make the best of the situation. With minimal effort and planning, the room could even become the coolest one in the house. 

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