Which is Better: PVC or Polypropylene Tape?

Which parcel tape is best for your custom packaging tape needs: polypropylene or PVC tape? This is an interesting question to ask, as the answer will depend on your individual needs. The best thing to do would be to look at different features of each.

Sticking Power.  If you want a tape with strong sticking power instead of a tape with gentler, easily removable adhesive, then PVC would probably be better for you. However, for those times when you're not sealing up priceless artifacts and you just need to keep something closed until the person at the other end opens it by hand, then polypropylene tape would do just fine.

Finish.  Polypropylene tape has a glossier finish, where PVC tape is matte. Basically, if the overall look of the package isn't so important, then go with the less expensive polypropylene tape. However, if appearance matters, use the more professional-looking PVC tape.

Noisy vs. Quiet. 
There are times when a packing area could benefit from noise reduction. In those cases, go with a tape that is easy on the ears as well as easy to work with. Polypropylene has that familiar crackling noise when pulled from the roll, and that can become overwhelming if several staff are using it at once. PVC tape is quieter when pulled from the roll. You might find that this eases stress levels and boosts the morale of your team.

Eco-Friendliness.  Of these two tapes, Polypropylene is the more environmentally friendly. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, and 30% of the tape is made from chlorine. When burned, the tape releases harmful toxins into the air. Polypropylene is a neutral tape that contains only hydrogen and carbon, so burning it releases only safe carbon dioxide and water.

Cutting.  While polypropylene tape is tearable by hand, PVC tape requires scissors or a tape dispenser with a cutting tool attached.

Cost.  When it comes to cost, polypropylene is the most economical choice. This makes it perfect for large volume packaging. If you want to cut costs where ever possible, which is common practice in today's business world, then start with less expensive tape.

So, there you have it. Now that you know the facts, which tape is best for you?

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