Forgetting Jane by CJ Warrant Book Review and Giveaway

As I have said before, there is always a thriller/murder mystery/crime drama of some sort on my reading list.  This week, it was Forgetting Jane by CJ Warrant.  What did I think of Forgetting Jane? 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Forgetting Jane by CJ Warrant.  Amnesia and an unspeakable crime have stolen everything from Jane Doe except the haunting image of a girl in a yellow dress, which replays itself over and over in her mind. Small town cop Elias McAvoy is haunted as well, by the crushing guilt he feels over the deaths of two women, one by his own hand. He can’t-he won’t-let Jane down too. Together they delve deeper into Jane’s case, battling against her memory loss, and an increasingly tangled web of lies and murder that span forty years-and ties Elias and Jane together in ways they never imagined. As the mystery of the girl in the yellow dress unfold, so does Elias and Jane’s love for each other. However, when the killer reappears, intent on finishing what he started, Elias must face his demons in order to save the woman he loves or lose her forever.

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Forgetting Jane is a great mix of thrills, suspense and romance.   Warrant combines a mystery with a challenging romance--throwing in some thrills, twists, turns, and even a paranormal element to create her story.  The romance is key to the thriller--without becoming just another romance novel.  The paranormal element doesn't make the story unbelievable.  The author creates a well rounded story through her characters.

Warrant offers just enough plot twists to keep the mystery a bit of a mystery.  Who attacked "Jane"?  Warrant does a wonderful job of dropping crumbs leading readers in the wrong direction (or at least leading them to believe they are headed in the wrong direction) until nearly the end.  I love a mystery that offers enough information to solve the crime--but, still keeps readers a little unsure of their solution.

Would I recommend Forgetting Jane? If you enjoy thrillers with a little romance and paranormal--this book is well worth a spot on your reading list.  I enjoyed the book and the characters and look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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Meet the Author
CJ Warrant is an Award Winning Author for dark romantic suspense and thrillers that pulls at your heart, makes you shiver with fear, and hope for a happy ending. A lover of coffee, baking and family, but not in that order—She’s a wife, a loving mother of three and a cosmetologist by trade.
Drawing her experiences from her Korean Italian heritage and growing up as an Army brat, her stories stir in dark plots with addictive flawed characters you will fall in love with.

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