Arts Have a Positive Impact on Communities

It's well-known that arts can have a positive impact on the communities where they are made readily available. But, did you know that actually participating in artistic endeavors, especially when the opportunity to do that is rare, can also help not only individuals but communities? This is the idea behind the concept of placing musical instruments in public places where anyone can take part in playing them.

This kind of musical sharing happens worldwide. You can find pianos for public use in places like train stations and airports in Italy, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in Barcelona, the Netherlands, London, Sydney and in the United States. Here in the United States, you can find them in California, Cincinnati, Birmingham or on street pianos in NY.

How Does Music Sharing Impact Communities?
Having the ability to sit down and play piano gives people a chance to express themselves and to share musical talent, as it helps to improve people's intellectual abilities. For those listening to the pianos being played, it helps with relaxation, and can give them a sense of well-being. Listening to music may even help to lower blood pressure by helping people to relax.

In places like cities, which often have a bustling nature that can contribute to the anxiety and stress people feel, this benefit becomes even more important. So many people in cities may lack the ability to go to professional musical performances. Street music gives them a chance to enjoy the benefits of music in an inexpensive way. Bringing these benefits directly to those who need them the most is rewarding to amateur and professional musicians, and to those who participate by donating musical instruments and their time.

A Real Connection.  Being able to enjoy music outdoors on the streets helps people feel more connected to the communities they live and work in. Music helps uplift people's spirits and helps them to find a sense of hope where it may have been lacking before. It also provides a fun outlet for creativity!

The spirit of volunteering one's time to help keep instruments in tune and to care for musical instruments can also help people feel as if they're giving something important to their communities. It can be a life transforming endeavor both for volunteers and for those in the community lucky enough to take part in playing and enjoying the music.

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  1. You are so right in that.

    There is this program called Turnaround Arts, it is the signature program of the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities empowers high-need, low performing schools with innovative arts, dance, theater and music programs, arts integration across subject areas, arts resources, musical instruments, and high-profile artist mentors, as a proven strategy to help address broader school challenges and close the achievement gap.
    Learn more:

    (I stole that)

    Anyway, they partnered with Playing with Change and did a take of the Sly Stone "Everyday People". The small parts with Tim Robbins was done at Burbank Elementary School in my Hometown of Hayward. (i.e part of my screen name Cal-State University Hayward).

    Here it is:



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