Convert Your Detached Garage into a Functional Space

If your home has a detached garage that isn't being used, why not convert it into a functional space that serves another purpose? If you don't park your car in the garage, you can create an outdoor space that will enhance your personal needs and lifestyle. With some creative planning and garage remodel job leads for contractors, your design possibilities are endless.

A detached garage doesn't offer direct access to the house, but it does offer numerous advantages for creating private spaces. Since it's separated from the house, it provides an area away from family activities that's quiet and relaxing. Take a look at some great design options for a detached garage.

Home Office. A detached garage provides a great space for a home office. While it's close to the house for convenience, it offers privacy and a quiet setting to decrease household distractions and increase efficiency and productivity. If you work from home on a regular basis, a detached garage is a great way to reduce the added cost of renting office space.

Workshop. If you enjoy building and repairing things, a detached garage is a perfect place to create a workshop. You can build in storage cabinets, shelving, and pegboard walls for all of your tools and building equipment and add tables, work benches, saw horses to work on your projects. If you work with paints and stains, make sure you provide proper ventilation for the fumes.

Guest Bedroom. A detached garage makes a great bedroom space for overnight guests. By adding comfortable furnishings and accessories, you can create a private retreat with convenient access to the house, pool and spa, or other outdoor amenities. If your garage is large enough, think about a small bathroom addition that will create complete privacy and convenience for guests.

Art Studio. If you love to draw and paint, a detached garage provides a private area with room to store canvases, paints, easels and other art supplies. With concrete floors and large drop cloths, you can paint to your heart's content without worrying about paint damaging your floors. If you're a professional artist and you sell your work, an art studio will allow you to display your work for potential buyers.

Man Cave.
Turning your detached garage into a man cave will provide a private place for the man of the house who loves to hang out with his buddies. A man cave creates a great place to entertain friends and watch all of those noisy sports casts without disturbing the rest of the family. A comfortable sofa, chairs and large-screen TV will provide the perfect setting for those afternoon ball games and outdoor cookouts.

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