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I am a fan of sarcasm and satire. I am also a fan of creative self-help methods and books. When I read the description of The Skeleton Code: A Satirical Guide to Secret Keeping--I had to smile a bit. Especially at the cover image of the skeleton peeking out of the closet door! What is my review of The Skeleton Code by Alla Campanella & Ken Massey? 

Quick Summary of The Skeleton Code: A Satirical Guide to Secret Keeping. Skeletons. We all have them hidden away, usually in an overcrowded and unsecured closet where they are likely to rattle loose. As prisoners, their prime directive is to break their shackles and haunt our happiness.

Alla Campanella and Ken Massey have discovered and interviewed many of these free and feral skeletons and the people who didn’t guard them well. Their true stories and raw realities are found in these pages. You will laugh at many, cringe at some, be in awe of others, disbelieve a few, and be challenged by all.

The Skeleton Code is a satirical and humorous look at the many ways we protect our public personas by closeting our personal secrets. The satire helps us wade into the dark and difficult waters of that famous river called Denial.

You can use the facetious strategies of The Code to maximize a self-deluding way of life, but Alla and Ken hope you will look into this mirror and discover The Skeleton Cure, which is a life of deeper self-honesty and transparency.

The Book isn't Really Lighthearted--When you Think About It. Some of the secrets shared throughout the book; while shared with a bit of sarcasm and "humor"--are really sad. Some of the weights carried by the people in the books' stories are really not very "funny" at all. Initially, as I read some of the stories, I found myself setting the book aside in disgust. Who could try to portray these situations with humor? Then, I think I began to read the book with an understanding of the sad realities that so many of us try to hide beneath jokes and laughter and smiling facades. That's when the book's message began to form.

The Skeleton Code is a Different Sort of Self Help Book. This book approaches skeletons in closets differently than most self help books. By showing the many ways in which people try to bury their secret skeletons--to approaching some of the reasons people seek to bury rather than rattle those skeletons--the book lets the harm of those secret-keeping cats out of the bag. As readers see the painfully, obvious errors in the ways of the people featured in the book; readers may begin to see that their own secrets could break down the closet doors at any moment. They may also begin to see that unlocking those skeletons may free more than the skeleton.

Would I recommend The Skeleton Code by Ken Massey and Alla Campanella? This book takes a serious look at the damage done by living with secrets--through a satirical, sarcastic approach. If you are expecting humor--you will find some--but, you will also find deeper, darker realities that may hit home for you or someone you know. The book spends a lot of time sharing stories as the book "guides" readers toward satirical, safe secret keeping--and--some of those stories are far from lighthearted. However; the authors do a great job illustrating the serious points of their book with those stories. I would recommend this book for anyone feeling weighed down or worried about some, deep, dark secret--even if it's rather trivial compared to some! This book doesn't preach or promise--it helps readers recognize a problem, understand a problem--and brainstorm some ways to work toward resolution.

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Meet the Authors

Ken Massey

Ken is a public speaker, author, humorist and minister enjoying the second and truer half of life. He holds two graduate theological degrees and is trained as a life coach, conflict manager and transition specialist. He enjoys golf, and traveling, but finds his greatest fulfillment helping other people discover their true worth as human beings. Ken, a native Texan, loves the beauty and the people of North Carolina, where he and Alla reside.

Alla Campanella 

After traveling throughout the world, Alla has lived in the US since 1992. A longtime student of the arts and humanities, she enjoys her work as an artist and photographer. Alla was inspired to write this book because she heard so many personal and painful secrets from her clients about their failures and foibles and wanted them to face these realities rather than hide from them.

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