Tips for Designing The Kitchen

As you walk through the home, one of the rooms that often has a delightful aroma and a welcoming atmosphere is the kitchen. There are a few award winning kitchen designs that you can use if you're looking to remodel your kitchen or if you're building a new home and need ideas for the room. You want to look at the budget that you have to work with as some ideas might be a little on the higher end of the scale, but if you do the work yourself, then you can sometimes save money that would be spent on a contractor. What are some of our favorite tips for designing the kitchen?

Keep Modern Design Trends in Mind.  A kitchen that is designed with a white base and dark accents, such as brown or black, is a modern trend that will likely continue to be around in many homes. Add a mosaic backsplash behind the stove or the sink. Pendant lighting completes this look in the home.

Think about Every Inch of Kitchen Space.  No matter what kind of kitchen design you use, you want to think about every inch of the space. This is a room that has perhaps the most function in all of the rooms in the home. Think about the kitchen sink and how you want the faucet to look or how deep you want the sink to be so that you can easily wash dishes. These ideas will help you come up with the designs for the counters, islands, tables and other components that are seen in the room.

Take Advantage of Bare Walls in the Kitchen.  Bare walls in the kitchen can be taken up with open shelves. This is an award winning design that has recently taken off in a big way. You want to add shelves that blend with the other colors in the room. If the kitchen is white, consider darker shelves that will stand out. Wooden shelves work well in a kitchen that is neutral, and they can easily be painted later if you paint in the kitchen. The open shelving system gives you an easy way to display dishes, spices and other items that are often kept hidden inside cabinets. A magnetic knife rack on the wall is also an idea if you're looking for a way to get utensils off of the counters.

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