Wordless Wednesday: Whose Chair is it?

Daddy and both younger girls love to watch t.v. perched on, over, or across a bean bag chair.  For Christmas, Daddy received an XL bean bag chair just for this purpose--and he and the girls make their rounds through the room to lounge on it.  Well....They aren't the only ones.    I thought I would share Mister Maxi's take on the situation as this week's Wordless Wednesday post!  Feel free to link up your latest Wordless Wednesday posts this week!  

Whose Chair is It?

During the day--and some evenings--Mister Maxi is pretty sure that this is the absolute best, donut-like, dog bed ever.  And, since Max suffered a partial tear in his left right knee about 18 months ago--that has healed very well--and another partial tear in his left knee in September--that is healing--Daddy is inclined to share with him.  Even in the evenings. 

Whose chair is it?  It depends on who you ask...and upon whether any of the cats are napping there at a given time!

Enjoy your week!

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