Contemporary Travel Tips for the Modern Day Traveler

No matter if you travel for business or leisure, frequently or infrequently, everyone can benefit from a bit of advice when it comes to navigating the ever changing landscape at airports around the globe. From knowing how to pack effectively and efficiently to getting through security with your sanity in check, it seems that there is much more to travel these days than in the past. Recent data does indicate that people are traveling away from home with increasing frequency. With so many people all vying for the same limited space on planes, trains, and busses it is important to separate yourself from the rest as much as possible. With that in mind, consider the following contemporary travel trips for the modern day traveler.

Take Advantage of Travel Programs and Loyalty Programs.
If you go through airports a number of times every year, it is common to grow frustrated with the amount of time you waste going through security. It has required you to get to the airport extra early, which means that you sacrifice time with your family or at the office. You can help to alleviate the pain of airport security to some degree by applying for an expedited traveler status. There are several such programs in place throughout the United States. If you primarily travel within the United States, the TSA Pre-Check is a great program that will get you through security and on your way in less time than you are used to. If you do quite a bit of international travel, you can look in the Nexus, Sentri, or Global Entry programs designed to help facilitate international travel. All of these programs take some time to get into, and there is a fee, but once you are all set up the time savings and convenience alone make it all worthwhile.

If possible, you will also want to focus on flying just one or two major airlines in order to maximize the advantages your receive with their loyalty programs. The more you fly with one particular airline, the faster you earn more rewards. In addition, as you gain status you will being to accumulate certain valuable perks. Depending on the airline, these can amount to free upgrades, expedited boarding, and a free checked baggage allowance. The same goes for hotel loyalty programs. You will be better off by focusing on just one or two major chains and making use of them whenever you travel, for either leisure or traveling purpose.

Packing Makes All the Difference.  Luggage today has really been perfected as an art form. Focus on how you pack, and that begins with your choice of luggage. You want something that is light and easy to carry around. Get used to packing as minimally as possible. Remember that you are the one that will be carrying all those bags around with you as your travel from place to place, so you will be happy when you follow this advice.

It is also helpful to bring a change of clothes in your carry on luggage. This is useful for several reasons. If you were to get separated from your checked baggage for any length of time, you will be happy that you have a set of fresh clothes to get you through the interim. As you travel, also make sure that you are nice to those that are working around you. Many of your fellow travelers give staff a hard time, so go out of your way to make their day by giving them a smile and a break.

Focus on Healthy Living.  Just because you are traveling does not mean you can neglect your attempts at a healthy lifestyle. Because of the exposure to a variety of environmental agents that you are not used to, it is more important than ever to engage in healthy habits while traveling. Remember to eat well, drink lots of water, and engage in physical activity whenever possible.

These few travel tips will go a long way towards helping your travel experiences go much more smoothly. The modern era has many conveniences, so work to take advantage of those as much as possible.

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