An Historic Trip Through Colorado

There are some places in the world just breathing with history. The state of Colorado might not be one of the places that jump out at you immediately, but the best trips there all revolve around the millions of years of history available, from the pre-human all the way up the colonial and early modern. Here, we’re going to look at some of the blasts to the past you can enjoy when you get there.

Start from a mile up.  Starting with the most modern of history, you first have to see the Mile High City, the capital of Colorado, Denver. Most people talking about the city, like, kick off immediately with one of the most impressive aircraft displays in the world, the Air & Space Museum, itself a 1930’s former Air Force Hangar. That’s only one stop at some of the spots that make the city a must-stop for modern history lovers. The home of Titanic survivor and activist, Molly Brown. The historic Larimer Square. The State Capitol. The history of the city is alive and well all throughout it.

Take a ride further back. If you want to go a little closer to the birth of the state, then modern history might not quite do it for you. Instead, get ready to hear some steam and get on track at places like the Narrow-Gauge Railroad & Museum. There, you can enjoy sights from vantage points shared with people from as far back as 1881, when the hills were alive with gold and adventurers from the world over were coming to get a taste of it.

Experience time before we came. Before humans first discovered Colorado or had a chance to see anything in the world, it had an entirely different set of inhabitants. That set of inhabitants has left behind one of the most extensive and jaw-dropping exhibits at, the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center. Pieces of triceratops, tyrannosaurus rex, and other remains of aquatic and land creatures now millions of years’ dead bring you closer to the ex-tenants of the state than anywhere else. There are always new finds in the area, and the center even offers a look at the paleontologists at work in the Paleo Center, fussing over their latest discovery.

You can’t miss ‘em. If you want to see something that has stood the test of time, then there are a few inhabitants that have been there a lot longer than any human. We’re talking about one of the greatest and most treasured family getaways in the US and Canada, the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is the best place to begin your exploration of the range from Estes Park. The basecamp offers all the climbs, hikes, and sights you could wish for. But it has plenty of relaxation in store too, from shopping and restaurants to distilleries and spas.

Whether it’s a visit through some of the most famous sites in the state's’ history or a timeless Goliath looming over it all, there’s a sense of timelessness that makes Colorado a joy to explore.

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