9 Steps Towards A Cleaner Home

Every family wants a cleaner home and every Mother struggles towards that goal. It can be a pain, but it can be done - it’s nowhere near impossible. You’ve just got to do the right thing and put your back into it. With some simple steps you can find it easier than ever to clean your home, which is what every parent and family deserves - a nice clean home.

Set up a routine. You'll find that cleaning is a lot easier when you have a routine to stick to. If you're cleaning on a whim, or cleaning spontaneously, you'll find it harder to keep your abode clean.

Stick to your routine!

It's all well and good doing the groundwork and planning to keep a cleaner home, but if you are not sticking to your plan, you are only letting you and your routine down.

Clean from top to bottom.   It's a good saying used for a thorough cleaning - but it has roots in common sense. If you clean the bottom of your house first, then move to the top, you're going to knock dust, dirt, and debris downstairs. Clean the top down to ensure you're not mucking up your hard work.

Get your kids involved! Working to make a house clean might be the homeowner's responsibility, but that doesn't mean the kids can't help out! They can certainly handle their own rooms and space at any rate!

Clean safely.  A lot of cleaning products are dangerous - bleach and bacterial sprays are highly corrosive and toxic. Don't drink them, keep them out of reach of children, and don't inhale them. This goes without saying, but better safe than sorry.

Get the right equipment.   Dusters, vacuum cleaners, polish - you need to get yourself setup with all the stuff you need to perform a deep clean - otherwise you won't be able to clean as effectively as you'd hoped.

Don't forget the outside areas of your house.  You need to keep the inside of your house clean, that's a given - but what about the outside of the home? Dirty bricks and wood, drooping flowers, and weed lined pathways can be off putting and even unhealthy! Cut your grass, water the flowers and get a pressure washer. You can find some of the best here at to remove dirt from porches and decking.

Get help if needed.  You might not be in your house much; you might be busy - there could be plenty of reasons why you can't clean your house. If you can't do it, you can certainly find people who can - for a price. Maid and cleaner services are available, and plenty are more than cost-effective. You don't have to have a dirty home if you don't want to.

Set the rules!

You might have a few rules to help you out. For example, you might ban shoes inside the home to stop the spread of outside dirt. You might ask that people clean up after themselves. These rules can make cleaning easier.

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  1. its much easier to clean daily and take care of the small things regularly as opposed to having them pile up and then having a a major job over time.
    Good read



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