Encourage Summer Science Learning with the ThomasEdison.Org Invention Challenge

As a long-time, STEM and STEAM parent--I absolutely love invention challenges and design challenges. My youngest daughter recently moved from a STEM focused elementary to a dedicated gifted instruction program in our district--and has truly missed her old monthly design challenge projects!  Whenever I find an invention challenge or an engineering/design challenge--I encourage her to enter.  This summer invention challenge from was noted in the site's recent newsletter.  Entries are simply required to create something or "invent" something from a list of items commonly found in the kitchen--for a chance to win a prize!  These challenges are great for extending the science classroom into the summer months and great for encouraging a little fun, creative experimentation.

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Invention Challenge


“To invent, you need a good imagination
and a pile of junk.”

  Imagine you open a drawer in your kitchen counter, a drawer that is seldom used. Inside you find a:
  • Fork
  • 10 inches of string
  • Small bar of soap
  • Corkscrew
  • Plastic drinking cup
  • Contestant gets to select one extra household item
Use all of these items or any combination of them to create something new and unique; and here is something to make this even more fun ... add a small, portable household [kitchen] item of your own choosing to this mix.

There is no right answer, just your creative insights. Give it a shot and send your best idea to Thomas at the email address below.

Edison staff will pick some winners who will receive gift cards as shown:
  • First Place - $100
  • Second Place - $75
  • Third Place - $50
  • Honorable Mention - $25
Show them how your imagination and a pile of junk works! Make Thomas Edison proud.

Send a drawing or a photo [jpeg] of your creation and a few words to by June 19, 2017.

Note:  We do not have additional details for this contest--such as contestant age requirements--we are just providing information as we feel that it may be of interest to our readers.  You may visit the website , check out the challenge post on Facebook, or email them at the address above with questions or requests for additional information.

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