Looking After Your Family's Skin


We all want our family to have flawless skin, even if that sometimes seems like something of a fairy tale dream. However, there are many common skincare problems or skin ailments which do have surprisingly simple solutions, and it is good to know what they are. The more you know about how to properly take care of your skin, the more likely it is that you can treat anything which does appear, as well as making it more likely to prevent more serious issues such as skin cancer. In this post, we are going to look at a few of the top common concerns for people’s skin, and see what we can do to improve these situations - or prevent them altogether.

Dryness.  Having dry skin is incredibly common, and it can sometimes seem as though it is impossible to do away with or prevent in the first place. However, prevention is definitely the best option here, as it is much easier to do and more likely to actually work. If you want to prevent yourself developing dry skin, the solution is to follow a pretty simple but alarmingly effective skincare regime, as lined out here. For a start, you should try to avoid washing your skin with bar soap. This kind of soap tends to really dry out the skin, even if only used liberally. Once in a while is okay - but most of the time, you want to make sure that you are using something else, like a shower gel or a soothing balm of some kind.

Similarly, you should endeavor to moisturize after you wash, and before bed every day, as this works wonders for eliminating and preventing dry skin. If you also want to get rid of dry skin that is already developed, then going for a more heavy-duty moisturizer might be a good idea. Finally, one of the biggest enemies of good skin is make-up. Try to limit the amount of makeup that you wear; too much can quickly lead to severe dryness, and is generally best avoided.


Wrinkles.  A lot of people worry about wrinkles, especially as they get older, as they see them as a clear and indisputable sign of aging. The fact is that, although wrinkles are more likely the older you get, they can develop at any age, and are more often than not a result of poor hygiene of some kind or another. This leads us neatly to something that is always going to help your skin improve vastly: sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, then it is unlikely that your skin will be at its best, and one of the quickest ways that this becomes apparent is through - you guessed it - the appearance of wrinkles. So make sure you are getting your beauty sleep every night; it really does make a difference.

On the topic of wrinkles, be very careful about what methods you use other than these to try and get rid of them. Many such creams and so on are not entirely legitimate, and procedures such as dry needling are not proven to be effective either. In fact, there is no evidence for the effectiveness of dry needling whatsoever, so this kind of method is best avoided altogether if you can help it. Soothe your wrinkles by generally looking after your skin and getting plenty of sleep - and beyond that, just accept the beauty of aging in and of itself.


Skin Cancer.  On a much more serious note, something like skin cancer is always going to be a big concern, and it is hugely important that you do everything you can to keep it at bay. Most people are aware of the basics of avoiding skin cancer, but that doesn’t mean that they necessarily actually carry out the desired procedures. Make sure that you don’t fall into that trap. Taking care of your skin in the sun is hugely important, so be sure to carry out all the relevant basic safety procedures. This means covering up between 11-2, wearing sunscreen whenever it is sunny, and being sure to use after-sun if you are burned or after a day out in the sun regardless. You don’t want skin cancer, so it is worth bearing this in mind.

Dark Circles.  If you have dark circles appearing on your skin, then you might be worried that they mean something else or that they will never go away. As it happens, they are probably more common than you think, and there is a way to get rid of them. Basically, make sure you eat right, as bad eating habits is the number one cause of dark circles. Also ensure you keep stress to a minimum, and sleep to a maximum.


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