Break the Mold: How To Prevent Mold In Your Home


Having mold in your home could be a risk to your health causing irritation to the eyes, throat and skin. It’s most commonly caused by dampness and can grow in many parts of the house. Mold is easy to get rid of, but you can take extra precautions to prevent it from appearing in the first place. Here are a few methods for eliminating mold, or mould, from your home.  

Look out for water leaks.  Mold, or mould, could be caused by a water leak in your home. This is most commonly a roofing problem or a crack in the wall leading to rain leaking through. Professional companies such as can be found online to deal with these cracks. A leak could alternatively be coming from an interior pipe that has cracked or a toilet or sink connection that has loosened or a seal that has broken or been compromised. This may require calling in a plumber. Be aware that water can also leak in through faulty foundations and underfloor pipes.

Stay ventilated.  Moisture from condensation can cause mould, particularly around windows. You can prevent this from building up by opening windows and keeping a fresh flow of air into the house. Extractor fans may be able to pump air out of a bathroom to prevent mold building up in this room after a shower.


Consider a dehumidifier.  Some properties may be more prone to getting damp than others. Buying a dehumidifier could be a solution to getting some of the moisture out of the air and stopping mould growth. You can find a range of dehumidifiers at sites such as There are also many non-electric and natural humidifiers such as rock salt candles and plants such as a Peace Lilly.

Clean out your air conditioner.  Mold may collect in an air conditioning unit, particularly when it has not been used for a while such as over the winter period. This can be dangerous – as soon as you turn it on, all that mould will be pumped out into the air and breathed in. Bacteria and dust may also build up, contributing to potentially fatal respiratory diseases like Legionnaires. You should get your air conditioning unit cleaned out once a year by a professional service such as Alternatively, you may be able to clean it yourself by buying the right kit and following instructions online.
Mold-proof your plants.  The soil of indoor potted plants can also be prone to mould outbreaks. This can then spread around the house. One way to stop this is to buy good quality soil and to not overwater plants. There are also commercial products that can remove mould from soil. A DIY solution meanwhile could be to sprinkle the soil with cinnamon – this works for some people, but not everyone.

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